Bone Thief (Lt. John Driscoll, #1) by Thomas O’Callaghan

Published January 1st 2006 by Pinnacle - Paperback - 384 pages - ISBN-13: 9780786018116

A housewife snatched in broad daylight.

A tattooed drifter displayed under a boardwalk.

A high-society heiress left in a city dump.

The women seem to have no connection except one: they have all been the victims of a twisted madman who slays his victims and steals their bones as gruesome trophies.

Since tragedy struck his own family, Lieutenant John W. Driscoll has been a man on the edge of both sanity and life. But now, with New York City in the grip of panic, Driscoll is needed more than ever. With the stakes rising every hour, he’ll have to guide a troubled team while battling his won demons in order to hunt and catch the most cunning predator he’s ever faced – a serial killer who is the very soul of evil and whose most shocking revelation is yet to come…

**Creepy and Compelling, a wonderful ride! (read in June 2009)

A serial killer who likes bones is leaving victims boneless. Bodies are being found, with no connection between them, except for one thing: their bodies are boneless.

The heat is being turned up, and Lt. John Driscoll can feel it. A relentless hound, Driscoll works the case right down to the nitty-gritty, determined to find the killer and put him away for life.

But John is a battling his own demons. Years before, an accident took away his daughter, Nicole, and left his wife, Colette, in a coma. He misses Nicole every day, and sits by his wife’s bed almost nightly.

Together, with a rag-tag team, they work together to bring down the man who is terrorizing New York, a cunning killer who has every intention of not getting caught.

**Incredible plot, a great mix of characters, definitely a novel to read!!!

I absolutely loved this book! Mystery, suspense, gruesome scenes, there is no slowing down with this book. From chapter 1 to chapter 91, there’s no stopping; good guys and bad man alike. Not only the case, but John’s personal life as well.

Guilt is riding John hard, for as his wife lies comatose, feelings for Sergeant Margaret Aligante are growing as well. And Margaret has ghosts of her own past haunting her; the thought of being with John is terrifying.

But they work through it, putting feelings aside to deal with the case.

The killer creeped me out so well, I had goose bumps on top of goose bumps. Characters completely different from one another, but all with personalities that make them stand out. Scenery and object are not overly described, just enough that you get a sense of what your seeing, a picture forming inside your mind, but not so much that you’re losing yourself in adjectives and adverbs and growing bored. Just the perfect blend.

This is definitely a story that shouldn’t be missed!

Rating: !


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