Mania by Craig Larsen

Mass Market Paperback - 376 Pages - ISBN-13: 978-0786021543


by Craig Larsen

On the foggy streets of Seattle, a serial killer known as the Street Butcher is terrorising the city. Newspaper photographer Nick Wilder is accustomed to seeing gruesome homicide scenes. But when the Street Butcher claims Nick’s brother his latest casualty, the case suddenly becomes very personal. Determined to find his brother’s killer, Nick stumbles into a dizzying labyrinth of deceit and danger. As he digs deeper, Nick discovers his own past holds a key to unmasking a clever, diabolical psychopath. But the real motives behind the murders are as cold and stark as Seattle’s winters – and much more blood will spill before Nick learns the horrifying truth.
**Review: A definitely terrific read!

Before I even get started on my own review, I gotta mention: widely known and loved authors, Lee Child, Harlan Coben, Gregg Olsen and William Lashner, all give this book high marks. I’m right there with them! Two thumbs way up, Craig Larsen!

Nick Wilder isn’t new to gruesome scenes. As a photographer for a Seattle newspaper, he’s seen his fair share of crime scenes. The lastest aren’t any better. But soon enough, a pattern developes, and the Street Butcher is turning into a serial killer.

The deeper Nick begins to dig, the more the pattern developes, for Seattle isn’t the only city seeing these gruesome murders. But things are getting more complicated. Nick’s brother, Sam, is murdered. A public official is murdered, and Nick is having dizzy spells, blackouts with missing time, and is starting to have flashbacks of traumatic experiences from when he and Sam were kids.

But all of this goes deeper than anyone realizes, and who’s to say if it’ll ever stop.

**Incredible first novel by a talented author. Keep ’em coming, Craig!

When Mr. Larsen PM’d me to see if I’d like a copy of his book, I jumped at the chance. His novel is one in a genre I like very much. Who’d say no to a book that’s getting terrific reviews? Of course I said yes, LOL! And, boy howdy, am I ever glad I did!

The confusion, the flashbacks, the twists from past to present, all that blended well. The character is confused and baffled, and the feeling is pressing into the reader. You feel that confusion, and you keep turning the page to see what happens next.

I found it suspicious that Nick met Sara the way he did. I didn’t like her from the beginning. Now I know why. There’s just something about her that puts a person off, especially her “vagueness”. And this is all before Nick follows her when she sneaks out of their bed so as not to wake him.

But I never even thought to think that Sam’s brother had anything to do with this. Or even the detective for that matter. There is a certain amount of predictability, but not enough to put off a reader. A few too many adjectives, but as author Stephen King as an influence, I can see where that comes from. SK is one of my fave authors, LOL, so I didn’t mind the overuse one bit. I did find that the characters, some of them, lacked depth.

Yet still, the confusion, the blackouts, the flashbacks of Nick’s past, all play the part well. Put all together, they turned an incredible book that much better.

Mr. Larsen, you keep cranking out books like this, and you’ll have a fan here who’ll keep reading them. Bravo!


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