Twice Kissed by Lisa Jackson

Paperback: 448 pages - Publisher: Zebra (July 25, 2006) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0821779443 - ISBN-13: 978-0821779446

Paperback: 448 pages - Publisher: Zebra (July 25, 2006) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0821779443 - ISBN-13: 978-0821779446


The only good twin is a dead twin…

Twice Kissed

by Lisa Jackson


Marquise Walker has vanished without a trace. There are few clues and much speculation on her sudden disappearance. But the truth is more terrifying than anyone can even imagine…


Maggie McCrae would do anything to find her identical twin sister – even if it means stepping into her unfamiliar shoes. Walking through Marquise’s wild, uninhibited life is a revelation for Maggie, proof that she knew very little about her twin’s darker side and her connection to the only man Maggie ever loved, Thane Walker. Now he’s the man she shouldn’t trust, a man who could be her best hope … or a cold-blooded killer…


The deeper Maggie digs, the more she is drawn into the web of her own past … to a twisted family legacy of desperate deceit, betrayal, and revenge … each secret bringing her closer to a final, shocking truth – and to the identity of a killer who’s closer than she thinks….

Review: Not as great as I was lead to believe…

While feeding her horses, a voice floats through Maggie’s mind. It had been years since she felt it for the last time. Her twin-sister’s voice. Her sister is in trouble. And she’s blaming her ex-husband, Thane Walker, the man Maggie had fallen in love with years ago. Not long after she hears the voice, Thane shows up on her doorstep; just before she disappeared, Marquise and Thane had gotten into an awful fight, and now the police believe him to be their number one suspect.

Mary Theresa, now known as Marquise, has disappeared without a trace, without the tiniest clue as to where she went. Maggie ships her daughter off to her in-laws while she heads to Denver with Thane to search for her sister. Plenty of suspects: from ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, current boyfriend, co-workers, supposed friends… Did someone ‘help’ Marquise disappear? Was she kidnapped? Was she murdered? Or did Marquise do what she’s done before; disappear for a few days only to reappear as if nothing was wrong? No ransom note, no body. The police are digging, and so is Maggie. But she doesn’t understand what she finds, for her sister has a dark side that Maggie never knew about, and doesn’t want to believe.

**I was disappointed with this story. You’re first introduced to Maggie and her daughter, Becca. She’s in some small town in Idaho, escaping a troubled past, dragging her daughter with her. What happens at the beginning is quite promising – however, it doesn’t stay that way. Thane shows up, wanting her help. She ships her daughter off, heads to Denver with Thane, and begins learning things about her twin sister that she never knew. Suddenly, she has no clue who her twin sister really is.

But then the story gets kind of lame. There’s a flashback to when they were teens. While Maggie was the loner, the one who prefered to be by herself, Mary Theresa was becoming the wild child. The twisted family legacy was rather awful in a disgusting way, not horrifying. Yes, there was deceit and betrayal, but there was no originality to it. Horrible enough that Maggie wants to truly believe that nothing happened and she suppressed it. Mary Theresa sleeps with Thane while he’s drunk, pretending to be Maggie, then claims the baby is his – when it actually wasn’t. And it goes on and on. At one point, I was screaming “enough already!”  Mary Theresa becomes the bad person; uses men to get where and what she wants, blah, blah, blah.

Mary Theresa was screwed up in the head, had been since she was a teenager. Even when she tries to make it right at the end, her vision of things was still skewed. Maggie… OMG, I’ve never met such a naive character. I mean really naive; not an inkling of what her sister was really like? Suppressing something so ‘horrible’ that she refuses to remember it? She was sixteen, for crying out loud! I can understand if she’d been twelve, but sixteen? And Thane – a charmer? I never felt the ‘charm’. And his biggest secret he was holding back had to do with the possibility of a seventeen-year-old son out there somewhere, that Mary Theresa had given up after they split, and she was trying to extort money from him. The threat was, either loan me the money or you’ll never find your son? *biggest eyeroll I can make* And the one who set up the disappearing act/killer – unoriginal to say the least. The one character I liked that seemed to have any common sense: Becca. For a kid, she was smart. She figured out her cousin was using her, what her aunt and uncle were up to, and headed straight for her mother the second she figured it out. While it was stupid how she did the latter, I still thought her the smartest.

After the story is finished, Ms. Jackson writes to her fans. The sentence: “A fun-loving triangle!” had my jaw dropping. Fun-loving? It was sick and twisted, not fun-loving! Ugh.



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