Chances by Nora Roberts (contains (“Opposites Attract” and “A Will and a Way”)

Paperback: 464 pages - Publisher: Silhouette (January 1, 2009) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0373285760 - ISBN-13: 978-0373285761

Paperback: 464 pages - Publisher: Silhouette (January 1, 2009) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0373285760 - ISBN-13: 978-0373285761



by Nora Roberts

contains “Opposites Attract” and “A Will and a Way”


They were like night and day – Ty Starbuck, a man known for his devastating good looks and volatile passions; Asher Wolfe, infamous for her beauty and icy control. Together they’d set the world ablaze. Now, after years apart, Asher discovers to her horror she still wants him – needs him. But she knows if she reveals the truth, she could lose it all again…


She’s inherited $150 million! But all Pandora McVie wanted was her uncle back and her irritating cobeneficiary, Michael Donohue, gone. But that wasn’t part of the plan – one that isolated them both in the Catskill mansion with strange things happening. The strangest being her reluctant attraction to a man who might be trying to get rid of her…

Review: When I picked up this book, I thought “Hooray!” I finally have all of Nora’s books. But I’d been mistaken. I’d read both before, both are in separate omnibuses, but that’s okay, LOL! I loved them both anyway and read them again. I’m missing “Promise Me Tomorrow.”

Opposites Attract

Married and recently divorced, Asher Wolfe is back on the tennis circuit. And she plans to win it all. She’d left suddenly 3 years before, and after having announced her retirement, her father/mentor, refused to speak to her. A loveless marriage ends in divorce and now Asher wants to conquer the tennis world once again. One thing – she has to learn to block her heart from Ty Starbuck – and she better learn fast.

Ty knows Asher’s back, and he plans on cornering her. Three years ago, she left without even saying goodbye, without leaving a note. He thought she loved him. He loved her, planned to ask her to marry him, but on the night he wanted to propose, she disappears, only for him to hear she’s agreed to marry someone else.

Three years later, Ty’s still hurting and angry, and as much as he wants revenge … but both have changed, even though they still secretly love each other. Secrets that can hurt/destroy them both are about to be known, but will Ty be able to get over Asher’s biggest secret of all?

**Incredible! The intensity you can feel between them is palpable to say the least, love scenes making the reader hot under the collar! Descriptions put you right there with the couple, right there in the middle of all tennis matches, won or lossed. Different places and settings, you can’t help getting swept away with the story.

A Will and a Way

After the death of their uncle, the will is read before the entire family. Even from the grave, Uncle Jolley is having the last laugh. He gave the meaningless things to his son, to the rest of the family. But to Pandora and Michael, he left the “rest of his estate, in entirety, all accounts, all business interests, all stocks, bonds and trusts, all real and personal property with all affection. Share and share alike… I ask only one thing of each of them in return. Beginning no more than a week after the reading of this document, Pandora and Michael will move into my home, Jolley’s Folley. They will live there together for a period of six months, neither one spending more than two nights in succession under another roof. … You have my blessing, children. Don’t let an old, dead man down.” Pandora is shocked; she doesn’t want the money and the holdings and the responsibility that comes with it, but she does want Jolley’s Folley, the only real home she’s ever known.

But Michael wants it as well, and he convinces her to stay. Up until now, they only got on each other’s nerves when under the same roof. Will they be able to make it the whole six months? The rest of the family is in an uproar. Once Pandora and Michael move into the house, strange things begin to happen, and the antics get bigger. At first, it looks like one is playing tricks on the other and vice versa… But the notion is quickly put to rest. The question remains… Who’s pulling these tricks? Obviously someone wants to stop Michael and Pandora from getting through the entire six months. But who?

**I loved this one, even the first time I read it. The way they fought their attraction to each other, the way they irritated each other, the way the defended and fought for each other, and the sweetest things Michael does for Pandora … *sigh*  A wonderful love story together with mystery and suspense, all wrapped with Nora’s writing style and descriptions, you can’t ask for a better story.



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