Bite Me! by Adrienne Bishop

eBook - 199 Pages - Noble Romance Publishing, LLC - Language: English - ISBN 978-1-60592-007-8

eBook - 199 Pages - Noble Romance Publishing, LLC - Language: English - ISBN 978-1-60592-007-8


Bite Me!

by Adrienne Bishop

Introducing Holly Mitchell. They call her Hard-ass Holly, and she didn’t earn the name by giving people second chances. Profession: Assistant General Manager for the Dalton Hotel. Her secret fantasy: To be dominated. Who would have known?

Tristen Reese, aka Reese, is the ultimate rogue – cosmopolitan male by day, playboy by night. Women don’t enter his bedroom expecting to stay long. It’s a high-traffic speedway, not a parking lot. Profession: Assistant General Manager for the Gold Star Hotel. His not-so-secret fantasy: To dominate.

The owners of the Dalton and Gold Star hotels have decided to merge. Once the merger takes effect, either Holly or Reese will be promoted to GM of both hotels.

The competition: Both Holly and Reese have 45 days to prove his/her worth to land the position. The loser will have to work under the other.

Enter The Fantasy: When the going gets tough, the tough find ways to alleviate the pressure. A little R & R (Relaxation and Role-playing) never hurt anyone. Unless…

Hard-driven competitors who go for the throat … and who have never met … sign up for a fantasy weekend in Paris, France, where they unknowingly become role players in the same fantasy … in the same bed …

Special Content Alert: Light D/s

Review: Incredibly intense and sexy!

Holly is the Assistant General Manager of the Dalton Hotel. Reese is the Assistant General Manager of the Gold Star Hotel. Both hotels are owned by brothers, and after reconnecting, they decide to merge both hotels. While Reese has been doing the job for over 7 years, Holly has only been at it over 2. And now the competition starts, for the one who brings in the most new accounts will be come the General Manager, and the other will become their assistant.

Holly has no intention of working under Reese. Even though they’ve never met face to face, he’s a thorn in her backside.

With a source inside the offices of the Dalton, the men urge Reese to do something, for they desperately don’t want to work for Hard-ass Holly.

Both have been taking accounts away from each other, and are working harder than ever. And while Reese really doesn’t have to work, he enjoys the challenges that Holly throws at him.

The women in Holly’s department have become great friends with each other and Holly, and one night, during their regular Friday night drinks/dinner, Holly finally admits that she hasn’t had a date in over two years, ever since she took the job at the Dalton. She’s been putting in too many long hours just to keep up with Reese. Her sex life has also been put on hiatus, unless you count self-servicing. Her biggest fantasy: To be dominated in the bedroom. One of the women had found something very interesting online: A service that helps people live their fantasies. And with the urging and help from the women, Holly books a four-day weekend, in a french castle, with a dominating rogue.

Only, the snitch in her office relays what he overheard to the guys at the Gold Star, and the men, knowing Reese’s reputation with the ladies, urge Reese to contact that same company in hopes that he can become Holly’s rogue – leverage to use against her should she land the GM job. He agrees, barely.

But now there’s a huge problem. For Holly is the one woman who can get under Reese’s skin. She’s the one woman he’s sure he’s meant to be with. And had it not been for the cruel joke, “he could have loved her.”

**Incredibly intense and sexy. Holly is a woman to aspire to become. Strong-willed, she’s competitive and determined. And because of her job, she dominates the office, stern but fair. And that’s what makes her fantasize about being dominated in the bedroom, for only then would she be able to set her inhibitions free.

Reese has a reputation with the ladies. He knows how to please a woman, but he doesn’t kiss and tell. He loves women – he doesn’t treat them like dirt. Not ready to settle down, he doesn’t stay with the same woman long. But, in character, when he meets Holly in Paris, just the sight of her makes his heart stutter and he doesn’t actually know it’s her until later.

And now he’s fallen in love with her. But regret sets in, for the whole idea of playing her rogue was to hold the weekend over her should she get the job. But he can no longer do that. And he knows that when she finds out who he actually is, she’s going to hate him with her entire being. Convincing her is the toughest job he’s ever had.

I loved it! The light dominance had me squirming in my seat, wishing my husband wasn’t working nights, LOL! I loved the banter between them, either face to face or via email. Though both are oblivious, they are perfect for each other, and even their bosses know it. An awesome love story!



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