Swing by Opal Carew


Trade Paperback: 259 pages - Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (December 26, 2007) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0312367805 - ISBN-13: 978-0312367800



by Opal Carew

It all started with an innocent request…

Melissa’s friend Shane asked her to accompany him on a business trip to an exclusive resort, but the Sweet Surrender is no ordinary vacation spot – it’s for men and women who swing. As Melissa mingles with the other guests and discovers the resort’s fantasy rooms, she’s tempted to explore her naughty side and live out her most sinful fantasies – but she isn’t prepared for the storm of desire that awaits her. Melissa soon finds herself torn between two men, one of her oldest friends and a handsome stranger who belongs to another. Both men bring her the most exquisite pleasure, but which man will win her heart?

Opal Carew’s work has been described as “scorching,” “intoxicating,” and “brilliant,” and this is her hottest novel yet. Visit the Sweet Surrender and sample its decadent pleasures for yourself … if you can take the heat.

Review: “Scorching,” “intoxicating,” and “brilliant!”

WORD OF CAUTION: Very hot, very explicit sex scenes.

Melissa has had the hots for Shane for a while now. And she believes that Shane simply looks at her as a friend and nothing more. And being a friend, he needs her help.

Shane is looking into buying an exclusive resort, Sweet Surrender. The resort is an ordinary resort; the resort is for swingers. While single women can get in without question, single men can’t, which means Shane can’t go and check it out without a companion. And Melissa is the only one he’d trust to bring with him.

Melissa wants to balk and choke, but then the wheels in her head start turning. This is the resort that her sister mentioned. Seems she and her husband had been having difficulty lately, and her husband suggested they find a sitter for the kids and go. Melissa doesn’t like the idea one bit. Her sister isn’t a ‘swinger’ and believes they’ll be making a huge mistake. And the only way she can report anything about it to her sister, is by going with Shane.

Shane has no problem getting into the ‘swing’ of things. But Melissa is having a hard time. For everyone seems very open-minded here, uninhibited, and that’s making Melissa very uncomfortable. She doesn’t understand how two people who are supposed to be married and love each other can simply turn around and sleep with someone else. To her, that’s not the idea of commitment. And her feelings only become more confused when she watches Shane participating in an orgy. Her ‘hots’ for Shane has risen to new heights, and she finally manages to tell him.

Shane is urging Melissa to open up, let her inhibitions go. Try something new, live on the wild side. At least no one knows her here, and she can ‘play’ to her heart’s content.

And Ty wants to be the one to help her. Suzanne, the current owner of Sweet Surrender and his best friend, has asked for his help as a private investigator. She’s convinced that someone is going to check out the resort of a potential buyer, and Suzanne wants to make sure that person has a good time. Friends with benefits, he’d do anything to help his best friend. And he’s almost convinced that person is Melissa.

Ty is falling for Melissa, Suzanne is falling for Shane, Melissa is stuck between Shane and Ty, and Shane thinks he might be falling for Suzanne. Until something happens at the resort that will knock the secrets up in the air, the potential for heartbreak.

Oh, did I like this book! Really, really, really liked this book. It was recommended to me by a group of women I trust (to my fellow “P”s, you know who you are, and I’m sending a resounding THANK YOU! your way), and they didn’t steer me in the wrong at all. Very, very hot scenes that actually made me damp in several places, gave me some wicked ideas to try (wink, wink,) and with the characters emotions in the mix, this author can really entertain a reader. Her characters are real and have feelings, every day emotions that we all feel, which made me love them all the more. Through in a bit of a mystery, and I had a very hard time putting this book down. Can’t wait to read this one to hubby… See if he comes up with some ideas.. (wink, wink!) 😀

WORD OF CAUTION: Very hot, very explicit sex scenes.



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