Skin on Skin (anthology) by Jami Alden, Sunny, Valerie Martinez


Trade Paperback: 352 pages - Publisher: Aphrodisia (July 1, 2007) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0758215908 - ISBN-13: 978-0758215901


Skin on Skin

by Jami Alden, Sunny and Valerie Martinez


Mouth to mouth, body to body… When it comes to sex, nothing should get in the way of unbridled carnal pleasure. And this summer three of erotic romance’s boldest new voices show you exactly why barer is better in the three novellas that will take you to the heights of naked desire…

“China Doll” by Sunny

When Rand and Anna meet in the lush heat of an Indonesian hotel, it’s strictly one night only for two strangers looking to banish the ghosts in their pasts. But more than their skin is bared when they come together in the tropical heat, and before long they’re aching for more…

“Tempted” by Jami Alden

Friends as well as coworkers, Lauren and Tony have maintained a strict hands-off policy with each other – until an out-of-town party gives them an excuse to share a hotel room. And when they do, their clothes come off – and the new rule is definitely hands on…

“Hot Wired” by Valerie Martinez

Spending a summer in San Francisco before starting her career, Lola is looking for fun. And when she meets the driver of a fre-engine red pickup – a guy with plenty of muscle under his own hood – she finds herself in for the hottest, hardest ride of her life…

Review: Two outta three ain’t bad…

“China Doll”  – Although a little rough in places, the author, Sunny, created engaging characters that pull you into the story. Anna, having been used and abused, was looking for someone to help exorcize the bad memories of her ex. Rand was looking for someone to have some fun with, wanting to pass the time. Rand got more than he bargained for when he fell in love with her, LOL! I’ve read the author before, and she’s really good.

“Tempted” – I’ve never read Jami Alden before; you can bet I’ll be reading her again! Her characters were very believable, some of them even quirky and making you laugh. The plot turned from a simple “I need to bring a date so no one bugs me about being single” to a full blown sexual relationship. I really liked how the characters had already known each other for a while, and how, even after the agreement that everything would go back to normal, there was no going back. Especially when one had the other for the other – and vice versa. A really good read! One teeny-tiny thing that I was disappointed about: They never used anything in the “gift basket” in the hotel room. *frown* Too bad. I was looking forward to that.

“Hot Wired” – I’ve never read the author before, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever read her again. Her story was filled with stereotypes, her characters appear shallow – very much so. And they appeared rather … high-school’ish. And while, I’ll admit, she knows how to write a really hot sex scene, that was about all that was going for the story.

All in all, I’m glad I picked this book up, and encourage you to do the same.

WORD OF CAUTION: Sexually Explicit!!!



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