The Converging by George Straatman

Amberdias Publishing

Mass Market Paperback - May 2006 - 632 Pages - ISBN 0-9780125-0-X - Published by: Amberdias Publishing


The Converging

by George Straatman

(Timmins, Ontario, Canada author! – my hometown!)

‘The Converging’ series Book #1

Lost in the majestic forests of the Pacific Northwest, Semelar was a sleepy town where time flowed like a meandering river. Semelar was home to Elizabeth Simpson, a jewel whose radiance rivaled a diamond set on a bed of velvet. This jewel would draw the attention of a powerful and rapacious evil intent upon possessing its beauty. In evil’s wake would come others who lived only to purge blackness from the world. Together, they would descend on Semelar and draw the unsuspecting town into the maelstrom that is the Converging.

When David Stillman returned to his birthplace of Semelar, Washington, intent on exorcising the demons of a childhood marred by poverty and alcoholism, he never suspected he would rekindle the one true love of his life. He also discovered the disturbing whisper of long-departed ghosts and a town  beset by violence and spiralling toward madness. Against this backdrop of grueseome death and carnage, he and a small band of allies must find the strength and courage to confront a demon of unimaginable power and guile. Only by exposing the true face of Evil can he protect the woman he loves and survive the horror of the Converging.

Review: Boy, where do I start. Mr. Straatman has his own writing style, and it wasn’t bad. The story was good, but it was long. A lot of different characters, but they all play a part, and each had their own individuality. I wasn’t too thrilled about the ending, especially David. I couldn’t understand that, after all he’d been through, he chose to live out of the rest of his life the way he had; goddamn coward. The ending is obviously a set up for Book #2, and I think I just may pick it up. It was different from what I’m used to reading, but it wasn’t bad … for his first book.

I will tell you what upset me, however. His editor should have hired someone to do the proofreading. OMG!!! It wasn’t so much as mispelled words, there wre only a few, but the rest… Periods misplaced or not there at all, the same with allt he punctuations. Also, when two different people are talking, they shouldn’t be in the same paragraph. It wasn’t a difficult read, and I think I was having a hard time reading it due to utter irritation because of this. I think I may just drop him a line. I mean, I use a word processor that helps with spelling, punctuation, and the like. Doesn’t he do the same? I hope he learns for the next time. I think I would hav enjoyed the story more if the punctuations where in their proper placed. For me, that’s a huge distraction. All in all, good story, likable/dislikable characters, a pretty good imagination… Not bad for a local author!

Book #2 – The Converging: Mark of the Demon available July 2008

Rating: .75


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  1. You can talk. Glass houses and stones spring to mind, (wre only a few), (I would hav), (with allt he punctuations).

    I think your word processor has a virus.

    I agree proof reading is a must for an author, but don’t have the temerity to criticise others when you are no better. I can cope quite well with dodgy punctuation, but simple spelling mistakes really annoy me.

    • You’re absolutely right. And thank you for pointing out my own spelling errors. Drives me nuts when I make them, never mind anyone else. I could say, at the time, I may have used the computer with they keyboard with some of the keys that stick, but it’s still no excuse. Could be that I didn’t have time to proof read either, which I usually do before posting anything. I’ll make sure to double check the next time I post, which is currently hard to do with no computer. Thankfully, I can take five minutes at work to look – still hoping I don’t get caught, but that’s the perks of working for your parents! 🙂

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