Crave the Night by Susan Sizemore (‘Primes’ series Books #1, 2, & 3)

Simon & Schuster

Format: Trade Paperback - Published: September 2005 - 688 Pages - ISBN: 1416510834 - Published By: Simon & Schuster


Crave the Night

by Susan Sizemore

‘Primes’ series Books #1, 2, & 3

(“I Burn for You,” “I Thirst for You,” “I Hunger for You”)

In her steamy vampire romances, acclaimed author Susan Sizemore pits vampires against mortals, destiny against desire… By popular demand, all three novels are now availiable in this paperback collectible.

I Burn for You

Battling the dark hollows of his soul, vampire Alec Reynard undergoes secret medical treatments that allow him to bear daylight. Living a double life as a bodyguard, he must also battle his powerful attraction to Domini Lancer, a mere mortal – and, unbelievably, his soul mate. When danger threatens, he kidnaps Domini to protect her but wonders: will she accept the darkness within him – or is she a vampire slayer who’s cleverly infiltrated his clan?

I Thirst for You

Josephine Elliot knows only that the stranger who appears out of the dark desert night and took her captive is named Marcus Cage and that he’s on the run. A vampire, Marcus is overwhelmed by his thirst for Josephine and instanly recognizes her as his soul mate – but when she unwittingly betrays him, both are thrust into mortal danger. Can their newfound love survive or is their insatiable desire doomed?

I Hunger for You

Mia Luchese, who comes from a long line of vampire hunters, doesn’t know that Colin Foxe broke off their blistering affair because he’s a vampire. After she’s attacked by evil vamps and Colin rescues her, their real identities must be revealed for them to get to the bottom of the attack. But even a generations-old enmity that should rip them apart cannot break the bond that has their souls hungering for an eternity of ecstasy in each other’s arms…

Review: Finished July 18th, 2006. Darn it, another series I’m hooked on, LMAO! Susan Sizemore is an awesome writer. Her plots have twists that you didn’t see coming (especially in I Hunger For You,) her characters are colourful, believable and funny. You can feel the ‘sizzle’ between heroes and heroines; her descriptions of characters and places create a vivid picture in your head. Each character had their own thought process, and I loved the ‘inner’ battles. The men were the proper heroes but turned to mush when it came to their women, and the women were fiercely independent, strong and brave … exactly what I ‘crave’ (excuse the pun) in a really good book. I can’t wait for the next installment of the series: Primal Heat, available on July 25th, 2006. Coles says they have 5 in stock… Hmm, wonder if Lorette can sell it to me earlier. I think I’m about to make quick phone call, LOL!



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