Silent Prey by John Sanford (‘Lucas Davenport’ series Book #4)

Berkley Mass

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: January 11, 2002 - 384 Pages - ISBN: 0425137562 - Published By: Berkley Mass


Silent Prey

by John Sandford

‘Lucas Davenport’ series Book #4

Bekker’s ruined face twisted. “You should have…”

“What?” Lucas demanded.

“… killed me,” Bekker said. “Fool.”

He was right. His guards slain, the brilliant insane pathologist of Eyes of Prey flees to New York, there to continue his research into aspects of death. Carefully, he conducts his experiments, searching the eyes of his dying victims for what they can reveal, the mounting body count causing an uproar in the city.

In desperation, the police reach out for the  man who knew Bekker best, but when Lucas arrives, he finds unexpected danger as well. For Lily Rothenburg, the policewoman whose intense affair with Lucas has never completely faded, is there too. Now, consumed with her own investigation of a group of rogue killer within the police department, she draws Lucas into her orbit again, until their hunts merge, their twin obsessions driving them ever closer to the edge … and then over.

Review: I finished this novel on Wednesday, July 4th, 2007. Awesome 4th book in the series!

I loved it! Lucas was as he always is. I really liked his character – I don’t think I’ve read another like him. He takes things as they come, and I love how he processes information.

I felt bad for Lily. When you reait it, you’ll understand why. She’s her usual self, but with what happens in the novel, it just wasn’t fair for Lily. 

I was completely flabbergasted by the events in the novel. Sure, they figure out and catch Bekker – that was a given. But with what else was going on in the novel, I’d never have guessed – not in a million years, and the ‘evidence’ was staring me right in the face. It was awesome how Lucas figured it out, how he came around to it, and the people involved, I never guessed that either.

I definitely recommend this series for anyone who likes detective novels.



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