Rules of Prey by John Sandford (‘Lucas Davenport’ series Book #1)

Berkley Mass Market

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: August 2005 - 368 Pages - ISBN: 0425205819 - Published By: Berkley Mass Market


Rules of Prey

by John Sandford

‘Lucas Davenport’ series Book #1

The murderer was intelligent. He was a member of the bar. He derived ruled based on professional examination of actual cases: Never kill anyone you know. Never have a motive. Never follow a discernible pattern. Never carry a weapon after it has been used. Beware of leaving physical evidence. There were more. He built them into a challenge. He was mad, of course…

The killer’s name is Louis Vullion, a low-key young attorney who, under the camouflage of normalcy, researches his next female victim until the pressure within him forces him to reach out and “collect” her. Plying his secret craft with the tactics of a games master, he has gripped the Twin Cities in a storm of terror more fierce than any Minnesota winter.

It is after the third murder that Lucas Davenport is called in. It is the opinion of his colleagues that everything about the lieutenant is a little different, and they are right – in the computer games he invents and sells, in the Porsche he drives to work, in the quality of the women he attracts, in his single-minded pursuit of justice. The only memeber of the department’s Office of Special Intelligence, Davenport prefers to work alone, parallel with Homicide, and there is something about this serial killer that he quickly understands. The man who signs himself “maddog” in taunting notes to the police is no textbook sociopath; he has a perverse playfulness that makes him kill for the sheer contest of it. He is a player.

Which means that Davenport will have to put all his mental strength – and physical courage – on the line to learn to think like the killer. For the only way to beat the maddoge is at his own hellish game…

Review: Finished August 21st, 2006. Wow! Okay, I can say that Davenport is not like any other cop characters I’ve ever read before. He’s definitely an original, and I don’t know how much I should say for fear of blowing it for those who haven’t read it and wish to. Lucas is intelligent and handsome in his own way, has a lot going on, but I found him to be … well, the only word I can think of is insecure when it comes to his personal life (women.) He has the ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ attitude when it comes to his informants, and although some wouls say not entirely legal, it gets the job done. And the book has a really good pace, catches you from the start right to the finish. I mentioned, email me if you want to discuss the book cause there’s something that happens in the book that I wasn’t happy with (but it in no way changes my view or rating) but I don’t want to blow it for those who are going to read it. I found a few of the female characters a little on the ditzy side, but overall, I liked it.



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