Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts (‘Circle’ trilogy Book #2)

Berkley Publishing Group

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: September 2006 - 352 Pages - ISBN: 0515141666 - Published By: Berkley Publishing Group


Dance of the Gods

by Nora Roberts

‘Circle’ trilogy Book #2

As the Circle of Six prepares for its final clash with the dark army of the vampire Lilith, the battleground shifts. In Ireland, a stone circle serves as the portal to another land and an ancient time.

It is in Geall that all will meet their fate – the sorcerer, the witch, the warrior, the scholar, the one of many forms, and the one who was lost. As their courage is tested, hearts will bond as never before…

Review: Finished Monday, October 2nd, 2006. Holy cow!!! Now I can’t wait for Book #3, Valley of Silence! This book was just as amazing as Book #1, Morrigan’s Cross, if not better! Again, Nora paints an absolute picture; you could swear you’re right there, participating, never mind watching from the sidelines. Her descriptions of the land are exquisite, and her characters … there is such depth to them, mentally, emotionally, physically. Nora truly knows how to touch a reader. I felt the connection between characters, and all the mental and emotional wars they fight within, not just the physical. I laughed, I cried, I got upset and scared … and truly, truly pissed, then added a great big, “In Your Face, Bitch!”. LMAO! Only Nora can make me really feel this way when reading a really, really, really good book. I know that this is a trilogy I’ll reread … you can bet money on it! I couldn’t put it down, and actually tried to force myself, and even that didn’t work. At 2am, my reader’s heart and imagination was well sated.



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