Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

Berkley Mass

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: May 10, 2007 - 464 Pages - ISBN: 0515143170 - Published By: Berkley Mass


Angels Fall

by Nora Roberts

Reece Gilmore has come a long way to see the stunning view below her. As the sole survivor of a brutal crime back East, she has been on the run, desperately fighting the nightmares and panic attacks that haunt her. She settles in Angel’s Fist, Wyoming – temporarily, at least – and takes a job at a local diner. And now she’s hiked this mountain all by herself. It was glorious, she thinks, as she peers through her binoculars at the Snake River churning below.

And then she sees the man and woman on the opposite bank. And suddenly, he’s on top of her, his hands around her throat…

Enjoying a moment of solitude a bit farther down the trail is a gruff loner named Brody. But by the time Reece reaches him and brings him to the scene, the pair is gone. And when authorities comb the area where she saw the attack, they find nothing. No signs of struggle. No freshly turned earth. Not even a tire track. And no one in Angel’s Fist seems to believe her. After all, she’s a newcomer in town with a reputation for being jumpy and jittery – maybe even a little fragile. Maybe it’s time to run again, to move on.

Reece Gilmore knows there’s a killer in Angel’s Fist, even if Brody, despite his seeming impatience and desire to keep her at arm’s length, is the only one willing to believe her. When a series of menacing events makes it clear that someone wants her out of the way, Reece must put her trust in Brody – and herself – to find out if there is a killer and Angel’s Fist before it’s too late.

Review: I finished this book late Friday, June 1st, 2007. Not part of a series, this novel was an excellent stand-alone book.

There’s a reason why Roberts’s is my fave author of all time. She has this way of sucking you right in with the first chapter and not letting go until the last sentence of the last chapter.

I loved Reece as the main character. Complex, vulnerable, troubled because of a past tragedy, I loved watching her overcome her fears, no matter what size.

Brody is a character that, no matter how selfish, sarcastic and rude he may be, you can’t help but love him. I loved watching him fall for Reece. 

I adored the rest of the cast; each with an individuality that makes them all lovable.

Even with the slow start, you’re still wanting to turn page after page to continue, to completely grasp the character as Reece and why she was the way she was. It was a twist, one that I’ve never read in a novel before.

And, once again, the way the scenery and surroundings are described, it’s like you’re right there with all the characters, interacting with them. I love that!

The plot was great. I’d never read something like the way it was played out. But the clues are there when reading the book; they’re just so well written that you don’t realize that you could’ve figured it out. Awesome Read!



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