Superstition by Karen Robards

Signet/NAL Mass Market

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: May 12, 2006 - 496 Pages - ISBN: 0451218728 - Published By: Signet/NAL Mass Market



by Karen Robards

Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Sunny, idyllic, and picture perfect, until a tabloid news program airs a splashy segment about the community’s only unsolved murder – the grisly stabbing of teenager Tara Mitchell and the subsequent disappearance of her two best friends, both thought to be long dead. In the years since the murders, several families have moved into the mansion where the crime occured, each claiming that the dead girls still haunt the house. Beautiful redheaded reporter Nicold Sullivan, sensing the story that could be her big break, arranges for her mother, a  renowned psychic, to contact the three victims via a live seance on the show Twenty-four Hours Investigates.

But something goes terribly wrong during the segment, and a young woman is murdered in the exact same manner as Tara Mitchell was fifteen years earlier. Pressured by her producers to get the inside story, Nicole is ordered to continue to investigate. As an attraction grows between Nicole and police chief Joe Franconi, another identical murder occurs, along with a menacing note warning that the original killer is back to claim three more lives. The body count rises, and so does the danger to Nicole, who is attacked, barely escaping with her life. She and Joe are forced to join forces as it becomes clear that the killer has set his sights on Nicole as his next victim.

Review: Finished June 14th, 2006. The book was good … yes and no. I was disappointed in some areas. First, the title didn’t go with the plot of the book. I can’t stand it when that happens ~ it takes away from the book! And in this case, it sure did! Karen went overboard with descriptions and details, and it made the book over-long for nothing. The action and suspense does pick up, and there’s a twist at the end that made it perfect. In the Epilogue, I think I would have liked to see a different ending for Nicky and Joe. Sure, Nicky got her dream-job in NYC, and Joe was going back to NJ, so a relationship was a given, but I think I would have liked to know what would have happened if Nicky went back to Chicago instead. All in all, the book was … okay, I guess. I know I won’t reread it.

Rating: .5


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