Memory in Death by J.D. Robb (‘In Death’ series Book # 22)

Berkley Mass Market

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: June 9, 2006 - 384 Pages - ISBN: 0425210731 - Published By: Berkley Mass Market


Memory in Death

by J.D. Robb (pseudonym of Nora Roberts)

‘In Death’ series Book #22

Eve Dallas is one tough cop. She’s got no problem dealing with a holida reveler in a red suit who plunges thirty-seven stories and gives new meaning to the term “sidewalk Santa.” But when she gets back to the station and Trudy Lombard shows up, it’s all Even can do to hold it together. Instantly, she’s thrown back into the past, to the days when she was a vulnerable, traumatized girl – trapped in foster care with the twisted woman who now sits in front of her, smiling.

Trudy claims she just wanted to see how Eve was doing. But Eve’s husband, Roarke, suspects otherwise – and his suspicions prove correct when Trudy arrives at his office, demanding money in exchange for keeping the ugly details of his wife’s childhood a secret. Barely restraining himself, Roarke shows her the door – and makes it clear that she’d be wise to get out of New York and never bother him or his wife again. But just a few days later, Trudy’s found on the floor of her hotel room, a mess of bruises and blood. A cop to the core, Eve is determined to solve the case, if only for the sake of Trudy’s bereaved son. Unfortunately, Eve is not the only one to have suffered at this woman’s hands, and she and Roarke will follow a circuitous, dangerous path to find out who turned this victimizer into a victim.

Review: J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) does it again! The same characters are just as awesome as usual. I always burst out laughing when Mavis reminds Even about the birthing coach classes. I found the story to be fast-paced enough, but it seemed to lack a bit of the usual action; the bad-guy-after-Eve action. But that was okay. between the injuries that Eve and Roarke are still healing from on the last case, I could see how this fits, and it was fine. I kind of figured out who the perp was, but I couldn’t tie it up until near the end. Great book, just like always. It’s hard to do a review ona book that’s so far in the series, as the most of the usual ‘cast’ is the same. Just as colourful, just as wild with individual personalities… One thing I did find strange. When Eve asks Nadine for help on putting a twist on-air about the current case, it was discussed over lunch, but the interview never took place. That was weird, and I actually didn’t think about it until now, but it’s minor. Hunh! 

I can say that, when I read the excerpt on her website (remember, I don’t usually pick up hardcover,) I was floored when I read those words: “Why, don’t you remember me? I’m your mama!”, I almost fell off my chair! Anyone who reads the series would understand why. If you haven’t read this series, I urge you… Go Pick Up Book #1 (Naked in Death) TODAY!!!

Rating: .75


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