Circle of Five by Dolores Stewart Riccio (‘Circle’ series Book #1)


Format: Trade Paperback - Published: March 1, 2003 - 308 Pages - ISBN: 0758203004 - Published By: Kensington


Circle of Five

by Dolores Stewart Riccio

‘Circle’ series Book #1

Now that her children are grown, her lout of an ex-husband is gone, and her herbal remedy business has taken off, Cass Shipton is free to enjoy the simple comforts of her grown-up life. There’s her cozy Cape Cod home overlooking Plymouth Harbor. Her scruffy disdainful pooch. And the strong connection she shares with four other ordinary women who get together to sip tea, trade stories, cast the odd spell and work a bit of magic. Just your typical, everyday Wiccans who work at the local library, carpool the kids, and run the vitamin store at the mall.

Wickedly funny, harrowingly suspenseful, and as deliciously warm-hearted as a girls’ night in, Circle of Five is a joyfrul celebration of the kind of friendship that makes a magic all of its own.

Review: Finished Monday, May 22nd, 2006. I had heard what Liane was saying about this book, and I had emailed her to inquire what it was about. LOL, this book is absolutely adorable, I loved it. There’s a little action, but it’s not the whole story, which is different for me, and welcomed, I might add. It had a little plot of its own, and although not at-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting, the story has its own charm. The lives of five, totally different ladies, gathered together, becoming the best of friends (to vent to, or get in trouble with!), LOL, the book was great. Not one life is the same, which is great. Each is a character of their own, brightly created and humourous. Can’t wait to get my hands on Charmed Circle and see what the five get themselves into!



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