Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs (‘Temperance Brennan’ series Book #6)

Simon & Schuster

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: May 25, 2004 - 416 Pages - ISBN: 074345300X - Published By: Simon & Schuster


Bare Bones

by Kathy Reichs

‘Temperance Brennan’ series Book #6

It’s a summer of sizzling heat in Charlotte where Dr. Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist for the North Carolina medical examiner, looks forward to her first vacation in years. A romantic vacation. She’s almost out the door when the bones start appearing.

A newborn’s charred remains turn up in a woodstove. A small plane crashes in a North Carolina cornfield on a sunny afternoon. Both pilot and passenger are burned beyond recognition. And what is the mysterious black substance covering the bodies? Most puzzling of all are the bones discovered at a remote farm outside Charlotte. The remains seem to be of animal origin, but Tempe is shocked when she gets them to her lab.

With help from a special dectective friend, Tempe must investigate a poignant and terrifying case that comes at the worst possible moment. Daughter Katy has a new boyfriend who Tempe fears may have something to hide. And important personal decisions face Tempe. Is it time for emotional commitment? Will she have the chance to find out?

Everything must wait on the bones. Why are the X rays and DNA so perplexing? Who is trying to keep Tempe from the answer? Someone is following her and Katy. That someone must be stopped before it’s too late.

Review: Finished August 10th, 2006. Better! Much better than Grave Secrets. The plot was a little better, and her relationship with Ryan blossoms. I liked that. I can’t stand Slidell as much as I can’t stand Claudel … last syllables rhyme. Wonder if that was planned, especially with both of them S.O.B.’s… LOL, something to think about. The action was back, Tempe’s thought process right on track, but what I didn’t like was at the climax. Having not a clue that that one character (won’t name names so as not to blow it for those who have yet to read it) wasn’t even suspected until right then. Or did I miss something? And of course, after the climax, you find out how all the pieces fit together, but I couldn’t do so on my own, which I have a habit of doing mentally when reading a suspense/mystery novel. I still prefer Reichs’s first four novels, and I’ll have to wait and see if Monday Mourning tops them all off.

Rating: .5


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