Cold Ridge by Carla Neggers (‘U.S. Marshal’ series Book #1)


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: June 1, 2005 - 384 Pages - ISBN: 0778322580 - Published By: Mira


Cold Ridge

by Carla Neggers

‘U.S. Marshal’ series Book #1

Carine Winters accepts the job of photographing Sterling Rancourt’s historic Boston home knowing she’s taking a risk – she could run into Tyler North, the pararescuer who once saved Rancourt’s life and the man who all but left Carine at the altar a year ago.

Then Carine finds a body in Rancourt’s house – and the prime suspect in the murder is Tyler North’s best friend.

Tyler is returning from a rescue mission on dangerous Cold Ridge in northern New Hampshire when he hears about the murder. Tyler goes to see his friend Manny, expecting him to ask for help. Instead, Manny urges Tyler to protect Carine, to take her back to Cold Ridge, away from the temptation to meddle in a murder investigation.

What Manny knows is that Carine’s at the center of a deadly game. And the only person she can trust is the person she vowed never to trust again: Tyler North. But they’re running out of time – because a killer has followed them to Cold Ridge … a killer who has put a murderous plan in motion, with stakes higher than anyone can imagine.

Review: Finished Sunday, November 12th, 2006. Not bad! I’ve seen a lot of her books on store shelves, but I’d never picked her up before. Ner new book, The Widow, sounded really good, so I thought I’d pick up a few of hers to see what her style was like.

I really liked the action. It was perfectly spaced, with an awesome climax at the end. I think the final chapter could have used a bit more work. I found that the characters, although they had awesome jobs, just were not ‘profound’ enough for me. Everything seemed like the surface to me, too much polish, not enough substance. The characters just didn’t ‘wow’ me enough to say that this was an awesome book, but it was good. The descriptions of places were pretty neat, though. You could actually get a clear picture of the surroundings, which was good.



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