The Survivors by Dinah McCall


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: January 3, 2007 - 384 Pages - ISBN: 0778324354 - Published By: Mira


The Survivors

by Dinah McCall (pseudonym of Sharon Sala)

When a passenger plane goes down in the Appalachians, rescue teams start looking for survivors and discover that a five-year-old boy and a woman are missing. Twenty miles from the crash site, Deborah Sanborn has a vision of two survivors, cold, hurting and scared. Over the years, she has learned to trust her gift, and she senses these strangers are in terrible danger. She sees a hunter, moving in for the kill.

Four generations of O’Ryan men have gathered at the crash site, ready to search for the missing boy, Johnny O’Ryan. His forty-five-year-old grandfather Mike O’Ryan isn’t sure what to make of Deborah, but with the snow coming down, she’s all they’ve got to lead them through the mountains. Becuase not only are they racing against time and the elements … they’re up against a killer desperate to silence his only living witnesses to murder.

Review: Finished Sunday, February 25th, 2007. Awesome book! Once again, McCall delivers. You swear your can feel the cold, the fear of the victims; the anger, fear and desperation of the ‘hunter’; the fear, anticipation and hope of the searchers. When Deborah’s ‘gift’ appears, you can feel it happening, and with words, McCall uses them wisely, making you feel like you’re there, along for the ride, running with Johnny and Molly, feel the O’Ryan’s desperation, and the pull that leads Deborah to them. For some of the characters to find love at the same time was an added bonus, although for some, I didn’t feel a super-strong connection, but I did feel a connection nonetheless. Great book that keeps you turning the page.



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