Storm Warning by Dinah McCall


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: May 1, 2001 384 Pages - ISBN: 1551668084 - Published By: Mira


Storm Warning

by Dinah McCall (pseudonym of Sharon Sala)

Time is running out for Ginny Shapiro. Of the seven smiling schoolgirls in the photo from the exclusive Montgomery Academy taken twenty years ago, she is the only one still alive. She knows that something happened all those years ago, but the memory is buried deep within her. And then it begins to come back, triggered by a sound, a single word … a voice from the past. FBI agen Sullivan Dean has the same photo and, armed with information that came too late to save her six friends, he knows that he must find Ginny before someone else does…

Review: I finished this book on Friday night, June 29th, 2007. Not part of a series, one of the 79 books I bought at the Barrie Automotive Flea Market last year.

I thought it was pretty good. Definitely different. I’ve only read one other book where the plot has to do with the mind and memories the way this one did. I thought Ginny was one hell of a woman to have to deal with what she had to deal with. And Sully was a great hero. I felt the attraction between them. The surroundings are well written, giving you a clear picture of what the character(s) is seeing. You also understand what they’re feeling, their emotions clear on the page. I thought the plot had been a great idea. 

The twist was enough to shock me… I really hadn’t seen that one coming. I was betting my last dollar I knew who it was… and I was way wrong.

I’d read a few other reviews on this book, and I was disappointed with their reviews, not McCall’s work. One guy said none of it made sense… I thought it did. Most fiction novels are exactly that – fiction. This guy’s review was making it sound like the whole concept was way out of proportion. Hunh… wonder if he did his research before blabbing off at the mouth. If you happen to read the review I’m talking about (and I don’t have to tell you who – you catch it before you’re done reading it), you’ll see what I mean.

Great story, believable characters, fantastic idea for the plot. I couldn’t have asked for better. The action was just as great, too!



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