Proof Positive by Phillip Margolin

Harper Collins

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: July 12, 2007 - 448 Pages - ISBN: 0060735066 - Published By: Harper Collins


Proof Positive

by Phillip Margolin

Defense attorney Doug Weaver believes his client, Jacob Cohen, is innocent – but the forensic evidence proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the meek, mentally ill homeless man killed and dismembered a woman…

Hired to defend gangster Art Prochaska against charges that he murdered an informer, lawyer Amanda Jaffe and her father, Frank, have their work cut out for them – because, as improbable as it seems, the forensic clues scream that Prochaska is guilty…

And now people are dying inexplicably – as Amanda and Doug join forces to find answers hidden somewhere in the darkest corners of crim scene investigation, where a god-playing madman holds the lethal power to alter the truth.

Review: November 8th, 2007. This is the first Margolin novel I’ve ever read. I saw it on the new release shelf and thought the synopsis sounded good. An excellent book!

I love how he works everything! His details, whether with forensics, or the play of either detective or lawyer, were great! The plot was excellent. Several twists that I never saw coming. I thought his characters were genuine and down-to-eart – completely believable.

I’m definitely picking up more of his works!



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