Unspoken by Lisa Jackson

Zebra - Kensington

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: November 1, 1999 384 Pages - ISBN: 0821764020 - Published By: Zebra - Kensington



by Lisa Jackson


Shelby Cole thought she’d put Bad Luck behind her. Bad Luck, Texas, that is. She’d left her hometown ten years ago, her world shattered and her illegitimate baby dead. Now she’s receiving anonymous letters claiming that her daughter is alive. But going home means demanding answers that her fater, Judge Jerome Cole, won’t be happy to give – and facing Nevada Smith, the man who broke her heart…


For Nevada, Shelby’s homecoming is a bitter reminder that his half-breed blood was never good enough for a rich girl like the judge’s daughter. Eve now, his bad-boy reputation hovers around him like a cloud of Texas dust. But the years haven’t changed the way Shelby makes him feel – and he can’t ignore the idea that he may be the father o the child she’s looking for.


Yet Shelby’s not the only person on her way back to Bad Luck. Falsely accused of murder and sent to prison for ten years, Ross McCallum is coming home to settle the score, especially with Shelby and Nevada. Now, as the temperature soars, Shelby’s search for the truth promises to boil over into violence as a lethal web of revealed secrets threatens everything she believes about the man she loves – and even her very own life…

Review: I finished this book late Saturday, June 2nd, 2007. Not part of a series, a great stand-alone book.

It wasn’t hard to figure out Shelby Cole. You learn right away some of her past early on, but ‘poor-little-rich-girl’ she isn’t. With a strong spine and a mind of her own, she was going to find her daughter, no matter the danger or who stood in her way.

Nevada Smith… Jackson writes him as irresistible, and I couldn’t have resisted him any more than Shelby could. Instinct had me believing he was awesome – just the feeling I got when reading his reactions, his thoughts, his emotions.

I thought the plot was well written, from beginning to a great ending. Although I thought I had an inkling who had actually killed Ramon Estevan, I had been way off … and that’s how I like my novels. It’s no fun when you know too early exactly who it is. Good Read!



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