Most Likely to Die by Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton, Wendy Corsi Staub (anthology)

Zebra - Kensington

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: January 15, 2007 - 464 Pages - ISBN: 0821775766 - Published By: Zebra - Kensington


Most Likely to Die

by Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton and Wendy Corsi Staub


It’s been twenty years since the night Jake Marcott was brutally murdered at St. Elizabeth High School. It’s a night that shattered the lives of Lindsay Farrell, Kristen Daniels, and Rachel Alsace. It’s a night they’ll never forget. A killer will make sure of that… A 20-year reunion has been scheduled for St. Elizabeth’s. For some alumni, very special invitations have been sent: their smiling senior pictures slashed by an angry red line. Three women have been marked for death. Tonight, as the music plays, and the doors of St. Elizabeth are sealed, a killer will finish what was started long ago, and the sins of the past will be paid for in blood. Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton and Wendy Corsi Staub have combined their unparalleled talents to write a thriller as unique as it is terrifying – on that readers won’t soon forget.

Review: Finished Sunday, April 8th, 2007. Now this was a good one. Three different authors, but you almost can’t tell a difference. All three stories are connected together, a strong connection, not like a series. All three authors nailed it with their writing, the sexual tension, the fear, the hope, the suspense, the action… A story well told, glueing you to the page. I really had a hard time putting this one down! If you like Lisa Jackson, you’ve got to read this. It’s not just her, but it doesn’t matter – all three parts of the same story will keep you wanting more. I really had no idea who the killer was – only slim hints that make you think of different people. It wasn’t until the third part of the story, where a hint hit hard enough that I knew who it was, but still wasn’t 100% sure. Definitely A+!



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