Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen (‘Steele Street’ series Book #3)


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: January 31, 2006 - 416 Pages - ISBN: 0440242606 - Published By: Dell


Crazy Wild

by Tara Janzen

‘Steele Street’ series Book #3

It’s a long way from the jungles of Colombia to a Colorado library, where Special Forces operative Creed Rivera is staking out one of the world’s most dangerous women. With her prim librarian looks, Cordelia “Cody” Stark doesn’t look like a nuclea arms broker. But nabbing her is Creed’s mission – until a trio of thugs shows up and he’s suddenly forced to play hero…

Armed with secrets that could ignite a global inferno, Cody was already running out of places to hide. And now a hotshot government agent has blown her cover by throwing himself between her and certain death. Trusting the hero who just saved her life is not an option. Resisting him is something else entirely. And when bullets start to fly, a man and a woman running out of time are gearing up for the wildest adventure of their lives…

Review: Finished January 31st, 2007. Just as UNPUTDOWNABLE as the first two! Again, more than enough action to keep you glued, more than enough romance to highten your own senses, and suspense to fill you with anticipation. And the characters … especially the men … (sigh!) I wish they were real! Wouldn’t mind meeting them face to face, that’s for sure!



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