Amber Beach by Elizabeth Lowell (‘Donovans’ series Book #1)

Harper Collins Canada

Format: Trade Paperback - Published: September 9, 1998 - 384 Pages - ISBN: 0380775840 - Published By: Harper Collins Canada


Amber Beach

by Elizabeth Lowell

‘Donovans’ series Book #1

Honor Donovan is a shrewd businesswoman, yet she has been shut out of Donovan International by her father and four brothers. When her favorite brother, Kyle, vanishes, along with a fortune in stolen amber, Honor’s questions are ignored by the Donovan males. Defying them, she heads to the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest in search of anwers. Honor needs a guide because she knows nothing about running aboat – and she knows nothing about Jake Mallory until he answers her ad. One of the things she doesn’t know is that Jake is much more than a fishing guide. Until Kyle disappeared, Jake was brokering amber deals in the Baltic for Donovan International. Honor is completely unaware of the old wars, new politics, greed, and stolen amber that have lured ruthless, high-stakes players from around the globe. Jake wants no part of the intrigue, or of a Donovan woman in his life, but he suspects the Donovans have set him up to take the fall for Kyle’s treachery. The way Jake sees it, some Donovan is going to pay for his troubles, and it just may turn out to be Honor.

Review: November 2006. There wasn’t enough substance to the book, I was disappointed. It sounded so good … I thought for sure I’d get the rest of the series (so Crystal, let me know what you think when you read the rest.) I, too, loked the way they kept dodging each other, and the banter was slick, but other than that, it was lacking… hugely. And the ending… What the hell was that? Sure, they find Kyle, but the suspense and the climax left me saying: “What? That’s it?!” The last few pages where the characters are piecing everything together… horrible. I thought I’ve read bad endings before… Nope, this book just wasn’t up to my standards. Although the banter was real (I would know, I do the same with my husband, so it felt real enough,)  the characters left much to be desired, the plot lacking severly, and the climax almost boring. And that’s a great big OUCH for and from me.



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