The Falls by Karen Harper


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: June 1, 2003 - 400 Pages - ISBN: 1551666952 - Published By: Harlequin


The Falls

by Karen Harper

Early one morning Claire Malvern awaks to an empty bed – and her husband missing. There is no trace of Keith Malvern – only an eyewitness who claims a man jumped off the bridge at Bloodroot Falls in the middle of the night. It is the spectacular waterfall that first drew Claire and Keith away from their fast-paced, high-tech careers to pursue the dream of opening a bed-and-breakfast in the rustic lodge above Bloodroot River. But the dream becomes a nightmare when Keith’s body is found snagged in the river rapids, his death ruled a suicide. Claire knows her husband would never take his own life. But local sheriff Nick Braden thinks her suspicions of foul play are unfounded. Despite his skepticism, Nick and Claire start digging into her husband’s past … and what they uncover pains a shocking portrait of what really happened that September night.

Review: Finished June 11th, 2006. I enjoyed the book as well. The chemistry between Claire and Nick is sizzling, but I could understand why nothing happened between them until the end. Remember, Claire just lost her husband (even if it wasn’t much of a marriage at the end) and Nick, having previously reprimanded one of his deputies for getting involved with a supsect from a previous case, pretty much refused to put himself in the same position. I completely understood that, and I enjoyed how each were aware of the other but wouldn’t do anything about it until the case was solved. 

As for DeeDee, you kind of get a picture of someone who’s disturbed; it was kind of freaky. And even through it all, Nick and Claire both decided to help her when the time came. (tsk, tsk, Crystal, weren’t you paying attention to the conclusion of the book? LOL!) DeeDee was receiving not only psychiatric help, but had also lost weight, and once she ‘did her time’ was moving in with one of her sister’s to be the kids’ nanny. Both Claire and Nick agreed that when the trial and what not came around, they’d be there to help. And with everything that happened, I thought it strange but nice.

Overall, I’d never read Karen Harper before, but I plan to add more of hers to my TBR pile.



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