Killing Time by Linda Howard

Ballantine Books

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: June 27, 2006 - 400 Pages - ISBN: 0345453468 - Published By: Ballantine Books


Killing Time

by Linda Howard

Returning to the entrancing supernatural territory of her popular novels Dream Man and Son of the Morning, New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard has written a sizzling new novel that is her most daring, exciting, and original yet.

In 1985, with much fanfare, a time capsule was buried under the front lawn of a small-town county courthouse, to be reopened in 2085. But just twenty years later, in the dead of night, the capsule is dug up, its contents stolen. That same night, one of the contributors to the capsule is brutally slain in his home – with no sign of forced entry or indication of a strugle. One by one, others who had placed items in the time capsule are murdered.

Besides his suspicions about the sudden, mysterious appearance of Nikita Stover, the chief investigator, Knox Davis, has absolutely no leads. And while Nikita’s no murderer, she seems to be hiding plenty of secrets. With more at stake than anyone else realizes, the smart-talking Nikita is determined to catch this cunning killer – while at the same time battling her own deepening feelings for a man and for a world in which she doesn’t belong.

When readers crave a seductive novel of unrelenting suspense with a paranormal twist, Linda Howard delivers time and again … make that Killing Time – a captivating, character-rich story that races along on a breathless plot full of action and intimicy, romance and danger, thrills and intrigue.

Review: Finished Tuesday, March 27th, 2007. Um… Not sure what to say about this one. It’s not the first futuristic novel I’ve read, and it didn’t start that way, either. The synopsis made the novel sound much more exciting that it was, ie: more suspense, mystery… There wasn’t really much of that. You pretty much find the reason for it all without getting that far into it, it dragged in places, and the ending… so not impressed. One of those endings that are over way too fast and too simple. I thought the main characters were good. I certainly felt a spark of some sort between Nikita and Knox, but sparks… not exactly as intense as it should have been. The synopsis didn’t mention the futuristic angle, so it was a surprise. Reading up on Howard, she writes different genres, so I won’t let this book put me off. I’ll try some of her other stuff. Oh, and btw… on the cover, the guy has a tattoo on his shoulder – who you would assume to be Knox. Well, in the book, not one mention of a tattoo… on anyone. Not that I read, anyway.

Rating:  (wasn’t good enough for higher, not bad enough to rate lower.)


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