Dark Angel by Karen Harper


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: June 1, 2005 400 Pages - ISBN: 0778321797 - Published By: Mira


Dark Angel

by Karen Harper

A dark secret hides in the heart of Maplecreek’s Amish community.

One morning Lean Kurtz goes to wake her adopted infant daughter and instantly knows something is terribly wrong. She is convinced that her baby has been switched with another child. Afraid that no one will believe her, Leah turns to an unlikely ally, despite the fact that her Amish community frowns on its members seeking help from the outside world.

Dr. Mark Morelli studies the genetic illnesses that plague the Amish, but he has other, private reasons for coming to Maplecreek … reasons that may be tied to the mysterious disappearance of Leah’s daughter. Together, Lean and Mark must uncover a conspiracy – before there are deadly consequences.

Review: Finished July 30th, 2006. I really enjoyed it! At first, by halfway through the book, I was finding it a little predictable. But by 3/4’s, I was at the edge of the couch! I became completely pissed at Clark and wanted to shoot “Dr. Cutler” myself. (Yes, when reading, I get totally involved – that’s just me, LOL!) I thought I knew exactly who it was, but when Seth was finding his way out, I knew it couldn’t be Brad and Andrew behind it, but totally did not suspect Brad’s ex-boss. The book was fast-paced, with a lot of emotion, enough great action to keep you at the edge of your seat. I cried at the end when Leah’s family and the rest of the community arrived to help with the addition to the house. Like the Amish, I guess no one has an easy life, no matter how simple it may look to an ‘outsider’. Every time a character used ‘your people’, it drove me nuts, but I guess that’s how it is. I liked the ‘closeness’ the characters had with each other, and wish more novels had that same feel. 

While reading the book, I got the sense that it was part of another story. Some of the characters, like Katie (Kat) for instance … the talk between characters was supposed to feel familiar somehow. After reading the story, I read that Karen wrote to explain some things with her story and found out that it is actually the third in the storyline of the Amish community. Dark it, LOL, it looks like I’ve got two more novels to pick up! I’ve always liked a really good suspense novel, and the characters and series of events made it a really good read. Halfway through the novel, I got to wondering when Becca was going to be kidnapped, but then it happened and I actually felt the panic that Leah was feeling. Way to go, Karen, on another well written novel.



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