The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross

Harpercollins Publishers, Incorporated

Format: Trade Paperback - Published: April 12, 2007 - 352 Pages - ISBN: 0061355658 - Published By: Harpercollins Publishers, Incorporated


The Blue Zone

by Andrew Gross

From the number one New York Times bestselling coauthor of Judge & Jury and Lifeguard comes this electrifying solo debut, The Blue Zone.

Kate Raab’s life seems almost perfect: her boyfriend, her job, her family … until her father runs into trouble with the law. His only recourse is to testify against his former accomplices in exchange for his family’s placement in the Witness Protection Program. But one of them gets cold feet. In a flash, everything Kate can count on is gone.

Now, a year later, her worst fears have happened: Her father has disappeared – into what the WITSEC agendy calls “the blue zone” – and someone close to him is found brutally murdered. With her family under surveillance, the FBI untrustworthy, and her father’s menacing “friends” circling with increasing intensity, Kate sets off to find her father – and uncover the secrets someone will kill to keep buried.

Review: I finished this book on Monday, July 23rd, 2007. Great Book!

I thought Gross did a great job with his characters and the situation. It was well pointed out in the book, a certain question that seeps in your mind and stays there throughout the novel: ‘How well do you really know a person?’

A true kaleidoscope. The characters were all truly different, unique, and some right down scary. If Gross had to make Kate one hell of a confused owman, he did an excellent job. I felt bad for Kate, but I was proud of her. No matter how scared she was, she remained angry enough to get down to the truth, no matter how many people tried to steer her the other way. Tenacious without seeming like it – I liked Kate very much.

For Gross’s first try all on his own, an excellent read!



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