Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan (‘Drake Sisters’ series Book #4)

Berkley Mass Market

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: September 6, 2006 - 368 Pages - ISBN: 0515141542 - Published By: Berkley Mass Market


Dangerous Tides

by Christine Feehan

‘Drake Sisters’ series Book #4

Dr. Libby Drake is sensible and practical. To her more adventurous sisters, she’s always been the “good girl.” Certainly not the kind to attract the attention of a genius like Ty Derrick – until a tragic accident leaves the handsome biochemist at her mercy.

Acting on her uncanny ability to heal, she stirs in the reawakened Ty his own long-surpressed desires for the woman who saved his life. But he’s not the only man with designs on Libby Drake. Her miraculous and selfless power has also captured the attention of a dangerously influential admirer. He’s pursuing the elementally gifted beauty for his own wicked purpose. And he’s willing to go to deadly lengthes to make it happen.

Review: Great book! Exactly what I would have expected, just what I wanted, and exactly what I got. But then again, I’ve been with the Drake Sisters since the beginning, so I’m biased.

Feehan knows how to write descriptions so that a vivid picture pops into your head. I adore the banter between the sisters ~ it makes you feel close to them, as if part of the family. Libby and Ty are made for each other and balance each other every well. All the characters in the book are strong with personalities of their own. It was about halfway through when I suspected who the actual ‘bad guy’ was, but I was really, really surprised by his hatred for Libby, and her sisters. I couldn’t have asked for better.

I’m not surprised that some didn’t enjoy this as much as I did. This is the kind of subject that really, really appeals to me, and though it does seem a lot like “Charmed,” I do find several differences (one of my fave shows, so I’m not talking through my hat.) Can’t wait for the next book ~ and if I remember correctly, it should be Hannah’s story. This out to be interesting…!



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