Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan (‘GhostWalker’ series Book #4)

Berkley Publishing Group

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: October 31, 2006 - 368 Pages - ISBN: 0515142166 - Published By: Berkley Publishing Group


Conspiracy Game

by Christine Feehan

‘GhostWalker’ series Book #4

Acclaimed as “sultry and suspenseful,” Christine Feehan’s novels continue to enthrall readers. Now she plunges two lovers into a game where danger and spassion lurk in the darkest shadows of the mind…

Jack Norton is a GhostWalker, a genetically enhanced sniper with a merciless sense of justice, a phantom welcomed by the anonymity of the night. But a mission to rescue his brother in the jungle has left him vulnerable to rebel forces. His only salvation is his power of telepathy. Then he meets Briony, an unusual beauty on a mission of her own. But they share more than the sweltering heat…

Briony shares the GhostWalker powers. Yet she’s different. She doesn’t know what she is, or what she’s capable of. But her enemies do. And Jack and Briony’s flight will take them into frightening conspiracy of mind and body – across the globe and into the heart of darkness, where the shocking truth is something neither of them could have foreseen – or can escape.

Review: I don’t know how Feehan does it, but she does it again! The perfect blend of intensely complex, fascinating and strong characters, excellent military action and sensuous love scenes, no one coulk ask for better … it just doesn’t exist! The descriptions has you seeing everything in your mind’s eye, bringing you right into the trick of it. The action has you holding your breath and gasping for air, and it’s from start to finish without letting up. Now I really can’t wait for Deadly Game, which isn’t out until end of February 2007!



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