Seven Up by Janet Evanovich (‘Stephanie Plum’ series Book #7)

St. Martins Press

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: May 30, 2002 - 368 Pages - ISBN: 0312980140 - Published By: St. Martins Press


Seven Up

by Janet Evanovich

‘Stephanie Plum’ series Book #7

The #1 bestselling, nationwide phenomenon continues with Janet Evanovich’s most explosive Stephanie Plum thriller yet – so get ready for the ride of your life!

Semi-retired mob buy, Eddie DeChooch, is caught trafficking contraband cigarettes through Trenton, New Jersey. When DeChooch fails to show for a court appearance, bond enforcement agent Stephanie Plum is assigned the task of finding DeChooch and dragging his decrepit ass back to jail. Not such an easy job, it turns out, since DeChooch has learned a lot of tricks over the years and isn’t afraid to use his gun. He’s already shot Loretta Ricci and left her for worm food in his shed. He wouldn’t mind shooting Stephanie next.

Especially since Steph has discovered that likeable losers (and former high school classmates) Mooner and Dougie have inadvertently become involved with DeChooch. They’ve gotten sucked into an operation which is much more than simple cigarette smuggling and holds risks far greater than anyone would have imagined.

When Dougie disappears, Steph goes into search mode. When Mooner disappears, she calls in the heavy artillery and asks master bounty hunter Ranger for help. His price for the job? One night with Stephanie, dusk to dawn. Not information she’d want to share with her some-time live-in roommate, vice cop Joe Morelli.

A typical dilemma in the world of Plum.

And on the homefront, Stephanie’s “perfect” sister Valerie has decided to move back to Trenton, bringing her two kids from hell. Grandma Mazur is asking questions about being a lesbian, and Bob, the bulimic dog, is eating everything in sight – including the furniture.

Mud wrestling, motorcycles, fast cars, fast food, and fast men. It’s SEVEN UP. Absolutely Janet Evanovich at her very best.

Review: Read June 25th, 2006. The more I read it, the more I cracked up! Joyce gets what she deserves. Way to go, Bob, LOL! Ranger is as hot as ever, Grandma Mazur is at it again, and I was royally pissed when Joe gave Stephanie an ultimatum. S.O.B.!!! Boy, was I mad! Should have heard the Italian swears coming out of me with that one! But I was most pleasantly surprised by Stephanie’s mom. Good for her. The ending had me jumping up from my chair (if you read it, you’ll understand what I mean when I say Holy Hell!!!) Does she really do what I think she’s about to do? Can’t wait to read Hard Eight!



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