Realm of Shadows by Shannon Drake (‘Vampire’ series Book #4)


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: January 2002 - 416 Pages - ISBN: 0821772279 - Published By: Kensington


Realm of Shadows

by Shannon Drake (pseudonym of Heather Graham)

‘Vampire’ series Book #4

Every Nightmare Has Its Beginning

In an ancient churchyard just outside Paris, archeologists uncover an ancient tomb certain they have stumbled onto the find of the century. But something goes very wrong as the tomb is opened. Something too frightening to image … and too terrible to utter.

And Its End

For American visitor Tara Mason, the romantic city of her dreams has suddenly turned sinister. For she has heard the blood-curdling screams in the churchyard and knows that she must run away – from the powerful stranger chasing after her … and from a nightmare she can’t be sure is real or imagined.

In The Dead Of Night

At the country estate where she has sought refuge, the shadowy man reappears. He calls himself a guardian, sworn to protect the innocent from an evil most never see. And Tara will have to trust him, because that evil has seen her … and won’t stop until it claims her, body and soul.

Review: Finished Thursday, October 26th, 2006. Still not as great-great as the first two in the series, but great-good. I thought Tara to be a strong female character, who knew her own strength and still pushed on. I thought it was planned out, and you never really know who the ‘bad buy’ is, but you still manage to figure it out by the end. What I like is the ties from the past to the present and what it means for the characters.

Rating: .5


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