Deep Midnight by Shannon Drake (‘Vampire’ series Book #3)


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: January 2001 - 480 Pages - ISBN: 0821768379 - Published By: Kensington


Deep Midnight

by Shannon Drake (pseudonym of Heather Graham)

‘Vampire’ series Book #3

An opulent Carnivale ball in Venice takes a terrifying turn for book critic Jordan Riley. As festivity turns into frenzy, she is rescued by a powerful man disguised as a wolf. But was what she witnessed really just the evening’s entertainment – or something far more sinister?

Review: Finished Monday, October 23rd, 2006.

Not as great as the first two, but good! At first, I found the book to be confusing. Too many things were happening, bang, bang, bang, one right after the other, sometimes more than one thing at a time, and it was difficult to keep everything in order. I didn’t find the characters as profound as the first two books, which was a switch. Sure, you could understand Jordan’s confused panic, but it was like there was no substance … me, as the reader, didn’t really feel Jordan’s confusion or panic like I did the first two. 

It’s only until about 3/4’s of the way through the book that you finally understnad how this book ties in with the first two, and I believe it should have been sooner. I was really starting to worry that this book should have veen on its own instead of part of the series. The climax was good, as was the ending. The action and feelings of desperation you sometimes feel from the characters are what makes you turn the page.

It’s difficult to explain, but my feelings didn’t quite pick up on the book. Although it was good, it wasn’t 5-star great. It’s difficult to explain… I did like her descriptions of Venice (I’m Italian – so sue me, LOL!) I feel that she got it right-on in that aspect. I just somehow feel the book could have been better.

Rating: .25


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