The Maze by Catherine Coulter (‘FBI’ series Book #2)

Berkley Mass Market

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: November 1, 2002 - 352 Pages - ISBN: 0515112491 - Published By: Berkley Mass Market


The Maze

by Catherine Coulter

‘FBI’ series Book #2

Dear Reader,

Remember Dillon Savich from The Cove? He’s back ad he’s now the head of the FBI’s Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU), where Dillon has developed predictive analogue programs to aid int he capture of serial killers.

Enter Lacey Sherlock, a very well-qualified new agent who seems bright and eager and on the up-and-up. But is she really?

When there’s a vicious murder in Boston, she’s off like s hot, lying to Dillon.

When Dillon finds out what’s going on, he realizes they’ll all be in deep trouble, maybe even victims themselves, if he and Sherlock don’t find out who murdered her sister seven years before.

Are you ready to “walk the walk?” Are you ready to see who’s waiting for you at the center of the maze? There are mysteries to solve and puzzles to sort through before you get to an ending that will have you bolting your front door, fast.

I hope you enjoy traveling through this bizarre maze to find out what happened both today and seven years ago.

Write and tell me what you think of The Maze.

Review: This one’s just as awesome and UNPUTDOWNABLE as the first! Coulter drags you right in at the beginning and holds you until the end! Twists that I didn’t see coming, especially in finding out who killed Lacey’s sister. Just when I thought I for sure had the murderer pegged… and I was soooo wrong! The entire story was action-packed, the suspense enought o make you cringe… the characters each had a personality very much their own, the whole story believable that it could’ve happened/could happen in real life is enough to be scary on so many levels. Wonder if Book #3, The Target, is just as good.



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