Riptide by Catherine Coulter (‘FBI’ series Book #5)


Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: January 14, 2002 - 368 Pages - ISBN: 0515130966



by Catherine Coulter

‘FBI’ series Book #5

Revenge and murder become entwined in this riveting new contemporary suspense novel by the New York Times bestselling author of The Edge.

With four back-to-back best-selling suspense thrillers to her credit, Catherine Coulter has earned an ever-growing following thanks to her original plots, vivid characters, unexpected twists, and satisfyingly unpredictable denouements. The Los Angeles Times found The Edge “full of surprises.” Now Coulter delivers a novel predicated on a baffling threat, fueled by an animus dating back a generation.

Political speechwriter Becca Matlock is at the top of her professional game, working for the re-election campaign of New York’s popular governor, when she receives the first phone call: “Stop sleeping with the governor or I’ll kill him.” Though Becca isn’t sleeping with the governor, the menacing ultimatums persist. The police suddenly stop believing her, even after the stalker murders an innocent person to prove his point. When the governor is shot in the neck, Becca flees for the safety of coastal Maine, choosing the hide not only from the stalker but also from the authorities. For sanctuary, she goes to Riptide, the home of a college friend – but soon finds herself at even greater risk.

Review: Okay, much better than The Edge. The characters had more to them, they didn’t seem flat like those in The Edge. The way she describes everything, if Riptide weren’t fiction, I’d love to visit the place! I swear I could taste the salt from the sea, smell the fresh air. With more than one twist to her story, she kept me hooked. I sort of figured out a few things that didn’t ‘jive,’ and sort of figured out who the ‘Boyfriend’ could be, but it was the twists and how it got there that kept me hooked. As for the main character, Becca, she was real to me. No matter how scared she was, she fought back. I do hope that the rest of the series doesn’t fall flat like The Edge did. I don’t want to be disappointed like that again.



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