Blindside by Catherine Coulter (‘FBI’ series Book #8)

Canbook Distribution

Format: Mass Market Paperbound - Published: June 14, 2004 - 368 Pages - ISBN: 0515137200 - Published By: Canbook Distribution



by Catherine Coutler

‘FBI’ series Book #8

When six-year-old Sam Kettering is kidnapped and then manages to save himself, Savich and Sherlock join his father – former FBI agent Miles Kettering – to determine why Sam would be abducted and brought to eastern Tennessee. Though the local sheriff, Katie Benedict, catches up with Sam before the kidnappers do, the case isn’t over – not by a long shot.

The unanswered question is: Why do the kidnappers want this little boy so badly? The investigation leads Savich and Sherlock to a charismatic, intense evangelist, Reverend Sooner McCamy, and his enigmatic wife. As if the kidnapping case weren’t enough, Savich and Sherlock are at the same time desperate to locate the killer of three teachers in Washington, D.C.

Review: I finished this novel on Friday night, July 6th, 2007. Eighth book in the series, and it was no way as good as the first four.

Truly, I ws not impressed. The characters, except for Sam, were really unoriginal. I didn’t like the plot at all – it still made no sense. The only think I liked was the setting. Seems it’s a really beautiful spot to see. 

I felt absolutely nothing between Katie and Miles except comfortability. Sure, they were attracted to each other, but I felt no sparks whatsoever. Like ending up together was inevitable.

Not impressed. Back in May, when I stopped reading the series, I figured I’d give it some time before getting back to it after a few disappointments. Now I wonder if I should read them to get them over with, or if I should wait until I’m running out of things to read.

Sure, the action was great, but that was about the only good thing about the whole situation. That and the setting… but I think I mentioned that already.



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