Primal Needs by Susan Sizemore (‘Primes’ series Book #7)


Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages - Publisher: Pocket Star (December 30, 2008 ) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 1416562125 - ISBN-13: 978-1416562122


Primal Needs

by Susan Sizemore

‘Primes’ series Book #7

In New York Times bestselling author Susan Sizemore’s sizzling new novel, a warrior werewolf and a beautiful vampire discover a passion that breaks every rule…

Sidonie Wolf never wanted the traditional life of a female vampire – with her favors fought over by powerful Prime males – but she must accept her duty to her kind, even if she’s already given her heart to a werewolf she can never have. Erasing Joe Bleythin’s memories of their blistering affair was necessary to keep him safe, but he sees her betrayal as unforgivable. So Sid’s new assigment to work with Joe to track down supernatural terrorists is sheer torture … a shockingly delicious torture.

Joe can’t believe his new role with an elite military team known as the Dark Angels has drawn him into an uneasy alliance with the woman who decived him. Ignoring Sid, even hating her, should be easy. Instead, he wants her more fiercely than ever. Now, partnered with Sid on a dangerous mission, he’ll discover just how deep desire can be – and just how far he’ll go to keep her…

Review: Two Happily-Ever-Afters all in one.

It is forbidden for vampires and werewolves to mix. After a blistering hot affair, Sidonie “Sid” Wolf blocks the memories of the affair from her werewolf lover, Joe Bleythin’s, mind, knowing that should the Matris ever learn of the affair, they would kill Joe in front of her, and then kill her, simply to teach the younger generation the consequences of the improper act.  Blocking those memories was Sid’s attempt at keeping Joe alive, but Joe sees the action as betrayal and definitely not forgivable, for to Joe, it’s mind rape what the vampires do, and he hates it with a passion.

Sid had fallen in love with Joe, and has not been able to forget their time together. With her heart belonging to another, and pressure coming down to choose a Prime to bond with, to procreate, Sid took another course of action and became pregnant through artificial insemination. Sid believes their vampire world needs to be brought into the twenty-first century, and will do what she believes is necessary. But one thing she can’t battle is upon her. Her son, Charles, has hit his terrible twos, and in the vampire world, terrible twos take on a whole new meaning, for they really do become monsters; their testosterone levels boost to such that she cannot take care of him alone, and he’s being taken from her to live in a ‘creche’, sort of like a vampire family trained to taking care of young male vampires, to help them past the “monster” stage. What Sid didn’t know, was that her maternal instincts will be blocked from her mind, much in the same way that she blocked Joe’s memories, in a ceremony called the “Sevening”. She will remember that she has a son, but her maternal instinct, her bond and feelings about her son will become robotic – she loves him, he’s gone to live with people who will take care of him for their safety, and that’s it.

Meanwhile, Joe is truly pissed at what Sid had done, and after drinking a concoction by the Dark Angels resident witch, his memories come back, only to piss him off even more. For even while he loathes Sidonie, he still wants her, only much more.

After the “Sevening” ritual, Sid goes along with a group of volunteers to fight a forest fire, only to be thrown together with Joe by Tobias Strahan, the leader of the Dark Angels. Tobias believes that Sid hold unknown information from the time she’d been held by the Manticores. She knows that she’d never heard any information relevant to what Tobias is looking for, but she does know that she won’t tell what happened to her. For if she does, she’ll be treated much like a porcelain doll, just like everyone is treating her mother. And Sid refuses to be treated like she’s breakable.

And while she’s thrown together with Joe, her sire and Clan Prime, Tony, is still in love with the mortal he’d met during the second world war; Rose Cameron. But bonding with a mortal was forbidden, and Tony had no choice but to let her go. But he still sends her roses every year, and this time, visits her. But when she disappears without a trace, Tony is terrified and asks Sid for help. Gregor, a rogue vampire, had been with Rose for over a year, in a nursing home run by rogue vampires, and has been administering a drug, one that will bring Rose’s body back to a young form. In order to maintain that form, she will have to bond with a vampire, drinking in his blood daily. And while it’s not a guaranty, she loves Tony too much not to try.

Two incredibly beautiful happily-ever-afters in one book is nice, but I didn’t like the way it happened. I felt like they each deserved their own story; it sort of felt like one HEA breaking through the original HEA of the story and I didn’t find that fair.

Sid is a strong female vampire with strong beliefs and wants to help the young female vamp generation move into this century. While some customs should be kept, she believes that females should be treated as the strong women they are, not females to be ‘kept’. In the story, Joe bonds with Sid, something extremely forbidden, and while he knows what that can bring, he loves Sid, and bonded with her for that exact reason. Sid, petrified of what can happen, is distraught when they are brought to the clans matris. And if it wasn’t for Dr. Casmerek and his DNA research proving that female vampires and male werewolves can bond, can produce offspring, the worst could have happened for Sid and Joe.

So, while Joe and Sid have their HEA, Tony and Rose have theirs, and yet, there’s something I don’t really get. A vampire and werewolf bonding is usually faced with death. That crisis was averted, but what about Tony and Rose? Their bond is frowned upon as well, back then he was forced to leave her, but how come they weren’t questioned? How did they manage to evade the scrutiny? They have, which is nice, but I wonder if someone in their world will make something of it later.

And the mystery, the rogues, continues. Can’t wait for the next book!



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