The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison (‘The Hollows/Rachel Morgan’ series Book#6)


Mass Market Paperback: 544 pages - Publisher: Eos; Reprint edition (November 25, 2008 ) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0061149829 - ISBN-13: 978-0061149825


The Outlaw Demon Wails

by Kim Harrison

‘The Hollows/Rachel Morgan’ series Book #6

When you dance with demons, you lay your soul on the line…

In the Hollows, where the natural and the supernatural co-exist – not always peacefully – desperate times often call for unorthodox measures. But bounty hunter-witch Rachel Morgan did the absolutely unthinkable to save the lives of her friends: she willingly trafficked in forbidden demon magic. And now her sins have come home to haunt her.

As Rachel huts for the truth behind a terrifying murder, the discovery of a shocking family secret is about to throw her entire life into question. And the long-lost ancient knowledge she seeks resides in the demonic ever-after.

But there are some lines that should never be crossed – like the one Rachel Morgan’s stepping over … again!

Review: What would you do to protect the people you love and care about?

While out shopping with her mother, Rachel finds herself sneezing several times, her demon scar itching and a pain so sharp she hunches over. Minias is looking for her, but the demon who walts in is Al, and he’s after her with murder in his eyes.

Minias, who is after Al, lets Rachel know that someone is summoning him out of his cell, leaving out a compulsion to return. It seems someone is setting Al after Rachel, and she wants to know who, hoping it isn’t her ex-flame, Nick.

Meanwhile, Rachel is still hurting over the loss of Kisten, badly hurting. It’s been three months and she’s having a hard time moving on. Marshall appears at her door; seems he’s moving to Cincinnati, but with Al popping out of nowhere, demons hot after her, trouble finding her everywhere, she’d prefer it if Marshall stayed away, even if she only wants friendship for now. Trouble seems to find her at every turn, and she’d rather keep everyone away than suck them into it.

What I truly liked in this novel were the surprises, and learning what Trent was holding from Rachel, not just about her parents, but what his father’s altering her DNA had actually done. Complicated, the search for Kisten’s killer is on, Rachel is asked to go on a mission into the Ever-After to retrieve a sample of elvin DNA by none other than Trent, Minias wants Rachel to exchange summoning names with Al so that he can’t be summoned out from the Ever-After, jailed or not, which Rachel refuses to do. Ceri is holding secrets from Rachel too. Quite a few tense and angry scenes in this book.

Oh, and a new character, Bis, seems to have popped in from out of nowhere. Can’t wait for you to meet him. The dialogue between Jenks and Bis had me laughing uproariously.

There was no stopping in this one; from beginning to ending, there’s action, plot twists, discussions that lead into realizations, and the spinning in Rachel’s life is really felt by the reader.

This is definitely not a book to miss. By the time I hit the end of the book, the realization of where Ms. Harrison could be taking the series finally hit me, and I did the jig in my chair as I closed the book. Well worth the read, I’m wondering which out of the six is my fave so far. Now all six are so close, I can’t pick just one! Congrats, Ms. Harrison, on a job well done, and I can’t wait for the next MMP.



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  1. Great review! I’ve had this one for a while, but I’ve never gotten around to reading it. I guess I’ll have to dig it out of the pile soon.

    • Thanks, Eyre! Oh, this is definitely not one you want to miss, Eyre! You’ll learn some things about Rachel and her family that will knock your socks off. Those summers at camp, where we have already learned that Trent’s father ‘tweeked’ around with her DNA… you’ll learn something about that – more like the ‘after effect’ of it. Don’t wait too long to read it, LOL!

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