Stop Me by Brenda Novak (‘The Last Stand’ trilogy Book #3)


Mass Market Paperback: 448 pages - Publisher: Mira (July 1, 2008) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0778324605 - ISBN-13: 978-0778324607


Stop Me

by Brenda Novak

‘The Last Stand’ trilogy Book #2

Who was the real killer?

Romain Fornier lost his reason for living when his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. He used a cop’s gun to mete out his own justice and spent the next few years in prison. Once he was freed, he returned to his Cajun roots in small-town Louisiana. But now he learns that he might have killed the wrong man.

Jasmine Stratford, a psychological profiler, is convinced his daughter’s killer is still alive – and that she and Romain have something in common. She believes the same man kidnapped her sister, Kimberly, sixteen years ago.

What happens next?

Jasmine is determined to track him down when she receives an anonymous package, postmarked New Orleans – the bracelet she gave Kimberly for her eighth birthday. She approaches Romain because she knows he can help her … if he chooses. But searching for the man who irrevocably changed both their lives means they have to rise to a killer’s challenge: stop me.

Review: Romantic suspense at its best!

After Jasmine receives the package with her sister’s bracelet and a message: StOp Me, she flies to New Orleans, determined to find the man who kidnapped her sister sixteen years ago. With one question asked to the hotel owner, Jasmine got an idea of someone who might be able to help her: Romain Fornier.

A few years before, Romain’s daughter had been kidnapped and murdered. The man found, the case was brought to trial, but when the evidence was deemed inadmissible, the alleged kidnapper and murderer, Moreau, was set free. On the steps of the courthouse, he was gunned down, by Romain. However, he doesn’t even remember grabbing Detective Alvin Huff’s gun, nor does he remember pulling the trigger. Having served his time in prison, Romain now lives alone on the bayou, near the tiny town of Portsville.  Having already lost his wife, then his daughter, Romain is determined to live out his life there – alone.

But fate likes to screw with people, and Jasmine arrives on his doorstep, asking questions, knowing things about him that she shouldn’t know. The question is: Can he believe her, believe everything she’s telling him? Because the thought of having shot an innocent man doesn’t bode well on his mind.

Starting her own investigation leads Jasmine into hot water almost at the beginning. First, she’s shoved and locked into the Moreau’s cellar, losing her purse and contents at the same time, and stumbling upon on a several-years-dead body. Then she’s attacked outside her hotel, narrowly escaping and running to Romain. Determined, they will find the answers they seek, only neither can believe what they find, when it’s almost too late.

Jasmine, a strong and determined woman, finds comfort in Romain’s arms, but will she be able to leave Romain and New Orleans with her heart intact? And will Romain be able to let her go?

Incredible characters, intense suspense and action scenes, and a little love mixed with a well-written mystery, Brenda Novak writes a novel you’ll have a very hard time putting down.



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