One Last Scream by Kevin O’Brien


Paperback: 416 pages - Publisher: Pinnacle (December 18, 2007) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0786017767 - ISBN-13: 978-0786017768


One Last Scream

by Kevin O’Brien


Twelve women have vanished, leaving behind no trace or clue – their whereabouts still a mystery after eleven years…


Amelia Faraday is beautiful, smart, and a walking disaster. Suffering from blackouts, she also suffers from something worse – the feeling that she is personally involved in a series of deaths.


Now as a new series of murders begins, and she continues to suffer from blackouts, Amelia is left wondering if she is a cold-blooded killer – or a pawn in a deadly game that’s only just beginning…

Review: Terrific! Now a fan of O’Brien!

Amelia Faraday, adopted daughter of Jenna and Mark Faraday, has suffered all her life with phantom pains, blackouts, and now, weird dreams that seem incredibly real. She’d seen her brother, Collin, murdered, and feared she murdered him. She saw her parents and her aunt, Ina, murdered while they were up at the Faraday’s cabin, exactly as it happened, and is terrified she’s the murderer. But her therapist, Karen Carlisle, can’t believe her sweet, beautiful, smart client did those things. There has to be a reason, and Karen is determined to find out what and why.

Along with Amelia’s uncle, George McMillan, they start digging into Amelia’s past; the Faradays had adopted her when she was four. What happened to her might explain what’s happening today, but neither can believe what they discover.

While I was hooked right from the start, the one line on page 16: “When the screaming stops, that’s usually when he’s almost done.” gave me the shivers and I had a hard time putting the book down after that.

While the plot seems predictable, it’s how the author brought the story to its conclusion that’s worth the read.  His characters, especially Amelia and her sister Annabelle, may be mirror images in looks, but their personalities are so unbelievably different. Amelia is sweet, cares about her family and friends, and is tortured when thinking she murdered her family. Annabelle is cold to the core, and that’s do mainly because of her father and what he was, what he did, and what Annabelle went through.

And just when you think Annabelle’s plan to kill everyone Amelia loves and cares for so that she has no one but Annabelle to turn to, Karen and George did as much digging as they could, and figured out what’s going on, while it almost a hair too late.

Tense, suspenseful, this is one story you can’t put down or breeze through. It will take all of your attention, and that’s how I like ’em.



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