Shades of Dark by Linnea Sinclair (‘Gabriel’s Ghost’, Book #2)


Mass Market Paperback: 448 pages - Publisher: Bantam (July 29, 2008) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0553589652 - ISBN-13: 978-0553589658


Shades of Dark

by Linnea Sinclair

‘Gabriel’s Ghost’, Book #2

Award-winning author Linnea Sinclair returns with a vibrant interstellar thriller of romance and adventure.

For two fugitive lovers, space has no haven, no mercy, no light – only…


Before her court-martial, Captain Chasidah “Chas” Bergren was the pride of the Sixth Fleet. Now she’s a fugitive from the “justice” of corrupt Empire. Along with her lover, the former monk, mercenary, and telepath Gabriel Ross Sullivan, Chaz hoped to leave the past light-years behind – until the news of her brother Thad’s arrest and upcoming execution for treason. It’s a ploy by Sully’s cousin Hayden Burke to force them out of hiding, and it works.

With a killer targeting human females and a renegade gen lab breeding jukor war machines, Chaz and Sully already had their hands full of treachery, betrayal – not to mention each other. Throw in Chaz’s Imperial ex-husband, Admiral Philip Guthrie, and a Kyi-Ragkiril mentor out to seduce Sully, and not just loyalties but lives are at stake. For when Sully makes a fateful choice, changing their relationship forever, Chaz must also choose – between what duty demands and what her heart tells her she must do.

Review: Perfect blend of sci-fi, romance, action, suspicion and suspense – don’t miss this one!

**Spoiler Warning – This review will contain spoilers**

Not long after Chaz and Sully escaped Marker with the help of her brother and her ex-husband, Chaz receives news that her brother, Thad, had been arrested for treason. From there, things quickly escalate from bad to worse. Hayden Burke and First Barrister Darius Tage are in cahoots together, wanting the Empire for themselves, and are planning on taking it any way they know how. They’re sure that Burke is behind the jukor gen labs, and Chaz and Sully intend to shut them down, no matter the cost. With the help of an informant, Del, they find the lab, but the cost is greater than anyone would even begin to believe, for Del is Stolorth, and a Kyi-Radkiril, and has taken Sully on as a student, helping him harness and use his power. But Del is hiding something from both Sully and Chaz, and it’s not good.

And now a war is starting, and no one is sure how it will turn out. Those who don’t swear allegiance to Tage are hunted, some killed. Being hunted is her ex-husband, Admiral Philip Guthrie, and Chaz and Sully save him just in time. And just when we think that everything will finally work out – the gen lab found, the crew out of the way, and Hayden Burke walking aboard to deal with the lab – more betrayal hits too close to home.

The story begins right at the start, when Chaz finds out her brother has been arrested. She he be questioned by a Radkiril, their enemies will learn what Sully truly is, and nothing could be worse for them right now.

I didn’t like Del right from the start, and I was right not to like him. Just when you want a good guy to help, the bad comes along with dark intentions, and that pissed me off. Yes, the story needed him, but I think I’d have liked to see this come about in a different fashion. I’m glad that we got to see more of Philip Guthrie – we needed more between him, Chaz and Sully. Finally, you really understand where Philip and Chaz stand with each other, and while is makes the reader sad that their relationship turned the way it had, it’s understandable, and not unlike those in higher social standing that we’re used to reading.

And now, the ending. Oh, was I mad! With all the action, you’re adrenaline pumps up as you’re following the story. You want so badly that Sully wins against Del, that Chaz and Philip manage to help him, but I felt let down. Sure, Del is beaten, but the price that Chaz and Sully pay is over the top, leaving several questions unanswered; questions that need answers. We understand how it happens and why (from earlier explanations about cultures, customs and such), but it wasn’t fair for that to happen. And what was between Sully and Chaz will never be the same. Then I’m told that there will be a Book #3, Hope’s Folly, but after reading the description, the book is about Philip, not Chaz and Sully. Please, Ms. Sinclair, we need more on Chaz and Sully. It’s not just because I like them very much, but to leave them hanging like that, as well as the reader, isn’t fair.



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  1. Gina,
    Your review is terrific. I loved SHADES OF DARK. I also understand some of your frustration. I can tell you that Linnea addressin HOPES FOLLY some of your concerns for Chaz and Sully.

    • That’s great news! I really didn’t like how Shades of Dark left me feeling like that. Thanks for your comment!

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