Ivy and Bean’s Treasure Box by Annie Barrows – Book #1


Reading level: Ages 4-8 – Paperback – Publisher: Chronicle Books (October 1, 2008) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0811864952 – ISBN-13: 978-0811864954

Reading level: Ages 4-8 – Paperback: 120 pages – Publisher: Chronicle Books (May 3, 2007) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0811849090 – ISBN-13: 978-0811849098

Ivy and Bean

by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall

Book #1

(Ivy and Bean’s Treasure Box)

Meet Ivy and Bean, two friends who never meant to like each other.
The moment they saw each other, Bean and Ivy knew they would never be friends. But when Bean plays a trick on her sister and has to hide – quick! – Ivy comes to the rescue with her wand, some face paint, and a bucket of worms. Will they end up in trouble? Maybe. Will they have fun? Of course!
Review: Funny and fun for both parent and child!
Bean likes to play with other kids in the neighborhood, no matter older or younger. She loves to have fun! Bean also likes to play tricks on her older sister, who’s at that age that she sees Bean as nothing more than a brat. Her mother suggests she meet and play with the young girl across the street – Ivy. But Bean is not willing to be friends with Ivy, so always seems to be quiet and reading and wearing dresses than going out and having fun.
Ivy’s mother wishes Ivy would go out and have fun with the neighborhood kids than spending all the time by herself. She suggests she meet and play with the young girl across the street – Bean. But Ivy is not willing to be friends with such a loud, obnoxious girl.
One day, Ivy is sitting outside, reading, when Bean decides to hide in a bush and play a trick on her older sister. Seeing Ivy dressed in her robe, and holding a stick, she thinks maybe she can play a trick on Ivy as well, and begins to pretend to be a ghost. However, her trick on her sister backfires, and as she runs to find a place to hide, not wanting to get in trouble with her mom, Ivy invites her into her backyard to hide.
A fun adventure for two girls how had no intentions of being friends! Parents will want to laugh right along with their kids! Although both Ivy and Bean never wanted to be friends, they bonded and banded together quickly, and both enjoyed conjuring up a plan to get back at Bean’s sister. My daughter (7) loved the part of Ivy becoming a witch. My son (6) absolutely loved the worms, and both hooted when Bean’s sister fell into the hole they dug. While both of my children know they’d never get away with a stunt like that, they thought the story was funny and loved how the girls became friends.
And neither can wait to read book #2!

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