A Trial of One by Mary E. Martin (‘Osgoode’ trilogy Book #3)


Paperback: 412 pages - Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (September 3, 2007) - Language: English - ISBN-10: 0595445713 - ISBN-13: 978-0595445714


A Trial of One

by Mary E. Martin

‘Osgoode’ trilogy Book #3

Jenkins is on a frantic search for shares of Elixicorp Enterprises stock, worth over thirty millions dollars, for his elderly client, Norma Dinnick. The shares were originally sold to raise money for research into memory loss in seniors. Ironically, no one seems to remember just where the shares might be. Pursuing Jenkins through Toronto and London, and to the darkened, narrow calles of Venice, is Dr. Robert Hawke, a sinister madman who claims to have the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

As their chase unravels a decades-old fraud, yet another search is underway for the mysterious Q.

Dorothy Crawford, widow of Jenkins’ law partner Richard Crawford, believes Q, a jealous lover or angry husband, has murdered her husband.

With its memorable characters and vivid landscapes, along with author Mary E. Martin’s signature blend of humor and suspense, A Trial of One delivers an ultimately satisfying conclusion to the Osgoode Trilogy.

Review: With an intricate plot, an excellent ending to an astounding trilogy!

Just when Harry believes that he can take a breath and slow down, he’s in for the biggest ride of his life. He continues to visit Norma at the institution, determined to help find the missing shares to Elixicorp for her, understanding that they’re worth approximately thirty-million dollars. And just when he thought he had no worries, as all the men who’ve threatened him and Norma are no longer in the picture, in comes ‘Dr.’ Robert Hawke.

Hawke wants the share and the money for his own purposes. He believes with the money, he can actually produce a cure for Alzheimer’s. And while one company is testing on Alzheimer’s patients, Hawke has been creating an ultimate sin; using perfectly healthy ‘victims’ and destroying their psyche by trying to induce Alzheimer’s. What’s scarier: Hawke actually believes that he’s doing no wrong.

Hawke believes he and Harry should combine forces and track downt he shares together, with an agreement that the matter would be brought before the courts as to determine the monies’ rightful owner. But Harry doesn’t trust him and slips from Hawke’s grasp, first heading to Venice, Italy. Once there, it is determined that he needs to head to London, England for another piece of the puzzle before returning to Venice for the prize – for the thirty million has turned into fifty million. Question is, can Harry find the money before Hawke kills him?

Meanwhile, Dorothy Crawford, wife of Harry’s late partner, Richard, has found Richard’s diaries. Convinced that he’d been poisoned to death. He began to get sick and it became worse every time he ate at Q’s, whom Dorothy presumes was one of many of Richard’s lovers. Even though angry at Richard for his treatment toward her as his wife, Dorothy is determined to find Richard’s murderer and bring that person to justice.

And just to complicate things, Harry’s father’s psyche is slipping away more and more, and it hurts Harry. Just when he’d forgiven him and they started talking, Harry is now worried that he’ll lose his father all too soon. And then there’s the lovely Natasha. They’ve been seeing each other for just over a year, and Harry’s ready to have Natasha move in with him. But Natasha believes they’re moving too fast; when in truth, Natasha is torn between two people: Harry, and Sheila…

Oh, was this the perfect ending to Ms. Martin’s trilogy! An incredible blend of extraordinary characters, an intricate plot with lies, half-truths and deceit, Harry literally has to watch his back at every turn. You’re swept into his world and feel deeply for him. From Toronto to Venice to London, each scene is vividly described so that you can really picture it in your mind as you’re reading. Scenes with Harry’s father and Norma will hit closet to home for readers with family and friends who suffer from Alzheimers and dementia.

It was very easy for this author to lose herself in Martin’s profound and challenging story and highly recommend it. Filled with chills and suspense, intense characters and romance, and a great quest, this book is unputdownable – I dare you to read it. I know you’ll have a hard time putting it down, too!



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