The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts (‘Sign of Seven’ trilogy Book #3)

Paperback: 336 pages – Publisher: Jove (November 25, 2008) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0515144665 – ISBN-13: 978-0515144666

The Pagan Stone

by Nora Roberts

‘Sign of Seven’ trilogy Book #3

Following Blood Brothers and The Hollow, Nora Roberts’s electrifying trilogy comes to an end as three men and three women join forces – and hearts – to battle the ultimate evil at the Pagan Stone…

Years ago, after their blood brother ritual, Gage, Fox, and Caleb emerged from the woods, each with a piece of bloodstone. Now, it will become their weapon in the final flight against the demon they awakened. Winner take all…

Shared nightmares, visions of blood and fire, and random violence plague the longtime friends and Quinn, Layla and Cybil, the women bound to them by Fate. None of them can ignore the fact that, this year, the demon has grown stronger – feeding off the terror it creates. But now the three pieces of the bloodstone have been fused back together. If only they could figure out how to use it.

A gambling man like Gage has no trouble betting on his crew to find a way. And though he and Cybil share the gift of seeing the future, that’s all they have in common. Were they to take their flirtation to the next level, it would be on their own terms, not because Fate decreed it. But Gage knows that a woman like Cybil – with her brains and strength and devastating beauty – can only bring him luck. Whether it’s good or bad has yet to be determined – and could mean the difference between absolute destruction or an end to the nightmare for Hawkins Hollow.

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Review: A great ending to a good trilogy – even with too many over-stated conversations…

**Spoiler Alert** – review will contain spoilers

I soooo wanted to say a perfect ending to the trilogy, but I can’t. I was so looking forward to reading this one, to giving it a 5-star rating, like I do with most of NR’s novels, but I can’t.

We continue the Sign of Seven trilogy, this time with Gage and Cybil’s story. While it’s obvious to the reader that these two will end up together (every love story has to have an HEA), it was over-stated! Every time there was a conversation between them about them, it started with ‘not happening’ to ‘sure but no strings attached’. There was doubt, then there was ‘could this work’, moving on to ‘I don’t do roots’. Okay, we got it already. Please move on to the story. While I did like how they fell in love, it was downplayed by all that talking and wondering and supposing. And I don’t usually say that about NR’s work. To say converstaion was over-stated, has to be a first. It actually made me think of the movie The Bachelor  – not wanting to settle down.

I liked how they still hadn’t quite figured out how to kill the demon, how they were still researching every lead, every clue, every possibility, how Cybil didn’t want to quit with searching for an answer, even when those answers didn’t turn to the positive side. Although one scenerio was a bit of a stretch – combining Gage’s blood with the town’s water supply? I’d think that the blood would be way to diluted to actually make a difference. I don’t even think that should have been in the story as it was rather ridiculous, even for a suggestion.

I did like learning more about their pasts, but it could have used more development. I found there wasn’t enough to understand why Cybil is the way she is now. You learn what happened with her father, but it still wasn’t enough to understand Cybil. I did like the conversations as they discussed what to do and how. While all three women turning up pregnant was sort of cliched, I liked each separate reaction. I liked how they figured out the last of it, how Cybil interprets a dream/vision on the fly. Another cliche is how they sometimes had the same nightmare/dream; while a cliche, I thought it worked well with the story.

What happens between Gage and his father, and what happens to his father, was an unexpected surprise. But there is one part in this story that, while I was expecting it, I wasn’t expecting it happen that quick. When Gage reveals to Cybil a fake bloodstone that he bought, they decided a plan of action, to see if they could fool the demon, and to make it as believable as possible. While I was expecting what came next, I wasn’t expecting it to happen right on the next chapter. The fights/arguments that insued was totally believable; my heart started to pound and my hands were shaking, I had to put the book down when I found out it was the fake action they’d planned to use against the demon. She had written it so believable she had me fooled. Me? Yeah, me, LOL! And when a writer does that to me, they have a fan for life. I’ve been a fan of NR for 5 years, and I know that’ll never change.

So, great action, awesome plot, perfect ending. While some of the middle/scenarios left me wondering what NR was thinking, this reader enjoyed the book none-the-less, and I’m looking forward to Nora’s next story.



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  1. I have to say i agree. The way I figure it is, read the first book, Blood Brothers, cause that one was excellent then let your imagination fill in the rest.

    Thanks for sharing a good, in depth review.

    • Thank you, Christine, for your comment on my review. I always try to write a review that would have more than just I liked it/I disliked it. A good review, whether the book was good or not, helps explain a reader’s feelings for those who want to know. Thus, LOL, a Bookaholic’s Review! Thanks again, and stop by anytime! =)

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