Dead On Arrival by Karen Vaughan

2008 by Trafford Publishing - Trade Paper back, 213 pages - 0142511425

2008 by Trafford Publishing - Trade Paper back, 213 pages - 0142511425

Dead on Arrival 

by Karen Vaughan

Welcome to The world of Laura Hamilton. In her first adventure – things go bump in the night, as she finds the body of an un-liked dept collector in her living room.

How did he get there and why did he get dumped on her turf?

She not only needs a job – she needs a lot of luck.

19-Nov-08 to  20-Nov-08

Review: A fun, light read!

Laura Hamilton, a divorced Torontonian, wakes up one morning only to literally stumble over the body of an ex-co-worker, Anthony “Velcro” Hodges. Hodges, a debt collector, was known to stick like glue to his prey until the debt was collected in full or the asset in question was repossessed. She never liked him, an arrogant bully, he’s been arrested a few times for harrassement.

But why was he left in HER living room?

Her apartment super and longtime friend, Gerry, helps her along the way as threats increase against her, driving her to and from work, her parents, even to do groceries. Lead Detective Inspector Jeff Gibbons is following any leads he gets, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

Meanwhile, Laura has moved into Gerry’s apartment on a temperary basis while an officer poses as her in her apartment and the sexual tension rises. And all the while, Laura is desperately trying to figure out who could possibly want her dead.

Karen, I thought you did a great job. I liked Laura’s sarcasm in defense to her anxiety and tension. I liked Gerry’s quiet way, but I felt their sexual tension could have been upped a notch or two. I actually felt a stronger connection between Laura and Gibbons than I did between Laura and Gerry. But I thought they were both sweet for each other.

The plot was quirky and fun, and I wouldn’t have thought it would end the way it did. I wasn’t expecting the outcome; ridiculously funny, balancing angst with humour.



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