Deadly Harvest by Heather Graham (‘Flynn Brothers’ trilogy Book #2)

  Deadly Harvest by Heather Graham

‘Flynn Brothers’ trilogy Book #2

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages – Publisher: Mira (November 1, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0778325601 – ISBN-13: 978-0778325604

Back of the Book reads:

A dark legend comes to life

When a young woman is found dead in a field, dressed up as a scarecrow with a slashed grin and a broken neck, the residents of Salem, Massachusetts begin to fear that the infamous Harvest Man is more than just a rumor. But out-of-town cop Jeremy Flynn doesn’t have time for ghost stories. He’s in town on another investigation, looking for a friend’s wife, who mysteriously vanished in a cemetery.

Complicating his efforts is local occult expert Rowenna Cavanaugh, who launches her own investigation, convinced that a horror from the past has crept into the present and is seducing women to their deaths. Jeremy uses logic and solid police work. Rowenna depends on intuition. But they both have the same goal: to stop the abductions and locate the missing women before Rowenna herself falls prey to the Harvest Man’s dark seduction.

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Deadly Harvest at

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Review: A legend/myth brought to life by a madman…

Jeremy Flynn, a serious man who doesn’t believe in what he can’t see or touch, is a private investigator with his brothers’ firm. The middle brother, he was once a police diver but quit when the last straw was when a drunk foster father drove the family into the river, drowning everyone inside. Jeremy had rescued Billy, who had been still alive when found, but pronounced at the hospital DOA. The foster children had all been tied in the back of the van; not belted in, tied. He quit, became a private investigator and began a children’s charity for orphaned and abused children. (You will get a lot of that in Book #1, Deadly Night.)

Rowenna Cavanaugh, good friend of Kendall Montgomery (Book #1 – now Aidan Flynn’s wife,) a bestselling author and world-reknown speaker, is a complete opposite of Jeremy. While he prefers cold hard facts, she prefers to discuss the unknown, the unexplanable. And for some reason, using her intuition, she can somehow imagine herself in someone else’s shoes; feel what the other saw/felt. Completely unexplanable, and don’t know how she does it, she trusts it.

For the last couple of weeks, Jeremy and Rowenna have been on radio and TV talk shows (mostly radio), debating just about everything. Ro felt an attraction to Jeremy when she met him. Jeremy, on the other hand, thought of Rowenna as slightly absurd – how can she possibly believe in the unexplained and so on. But he did respect her for her debating abilities.

On her last night in New Orleans, Jeremy receives a call from his former diving partner and friend, Brad. He and his wife were in Salem, Massachusetts, trying to put their marriage back together after he cheated on his wife, Mary. Mary had forgiven him, much to her parents chagrin, and they had decided to take a vacation to Salem for Halloween. But Mary has disappeared, Brad is the prime suspect, and he’s beside himself, looking and wanting Jeremy’s help. So Jeremy follows Rowenna to Salem, her hometown.

Investigating Mary’s disappearance, Jeremy uses the more conventional way of investigation, while Rowenna uses her intuition and research. Ro, through her dreams and intuition, is convinced that what is known as the Harvest Man is behind it. The Harvest Man was believed to be a myth/legend, but with more research, she discovers that someone is trying to repeat stories of the past. Jeremy doesn’t believe it – can’t believe that a myth is to blame – and that a flesh and blood killer is who they’re searching for – and someone local to boot. No one wants to believe that – and most don’t, until it’s almost too late.

**Incredible second book – better than the first!

I felt a click between Rowenna and Jeremy right from the start, no matter how much Jeremy tried to fight it. Both are hardheaded, and yet still manage to come to the same conclusions, regardless of how they get there. Brad was very believable as a loving husband trying to correct his past wrongs. You feel his angst, his belief that Mary is still alive – he loves her that much. With the author’s descriptions of scenery and characters, you immediately like the place and them and, like the characters, don’t want to believe someone local is being the disappearances and murders – you like them that much.

The mystery is great, and I liked the legend of the Harvest Man. Different from what I’ve read before, I enjoyed the history of Salem. Like some of the characters, you get the chills at some scenes (especially when a suspect is named Tim Richardson, the name of my parents late nextdoor neighbour, LOL!) Steamy love scenes, really great action scenes, excellent mystery all wrapped with beautiful scenery, great characters, and a touch of paranormal make for an excellent read! High recommendations!



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