Shifter (anthology) by Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day, Virginia Kantra

  Shifter  by Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day and Virginia Kantra


Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages – Publisher: Berkley (March 4, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0425220354 – ISBN-13: 978-0425220351

Back of the Book reads:

In this seductive anthology, four masters of paranormal romance explore the boundaries of erotic shape-shifting fantasy – and shatter them.

Something happens when the beast within is teased and tempted. Something dangerous. Something inescapable. Something so irresistible no woman would want to run from it.

Whether transforming beneath a cool blue moon, prowling the night streets with feline grace and bloodred talons, or panting with pleasure, the shifters come alive to fulfill your wildest fantasies…

Shifter at

Shifter at

Shifter at

30-Oct-08 to 31-Oct-08

Review: Will keep you XXXtra hot on a cold, dark night!

Four awesome novellas from awesome authors!

~ Mad Dog Love by Angela Knight ~

Princess Zarifa Lorezo is on the run, afraid for her life, afraid and knowing that her fiance and her uncle would do anything to keep her in their grasp, to rule the empire she will inherit. In disguise, she’s looking for a bodyguard to keep her alive so that she can bring very important information to her half-brother, the rightful ruler of the Empire.

Enter Rance “Mad Dog” Conlan, a Freeworlds werewolf, has been betrayed, the traitor seeing fit that he become a slave. The collar that the slaver, Casus, had put around his neck has reprogrammed his nanobot system, and is now able to inflict pain on Rance whenever he sees fit. Casus has found a potential ‘buyer’… Zarifa.

Rance discovers who Zarifa really is and isn’t happy, but she intrigues him. She’s not at all like she’s portrayed to be in video clips he’s seen. Convinced she’d been controlled, he’s vowed to keep her alive until she can turn the reins over to her brother.

**No matter if Knight is writing a novel or novella, she certainly knows how to grap and hold a reader’s attention.  The hero and heroine seem real enough for the reader to wish this was happening in real life. Quickly, Zarifa and Rance learn to trust each other, despite the shaky circumstances. With a twist in the plot near the end, Knight brings another great story to a close with a happy ending.

~ A Jaguar’s Kiss by Lora Leigh ~

Natalie Ricci is a human no-nonsense woman who stands up for herself and fights for what she wants. She desperately wanted the teaching position to the Breeds in Buffalo Gap, but what she wasn’t counting on was this fierce wanting she feels for Saban Broussard.

Saban Broussard, of the Breed Enforcer and a Jaguar, has wanted Natalie since before he approached her to relay the good news. He is to be her bodyguard, close to her at all times. He recognized her instantly as his mate and tries desperately to court her like a human male would.

But her ex-husband doesn’t like the idea. He wants a woman who he can control, to see to his every whim, and he wants Natalie to be that woman, no matter what she wants. He plans to kidnap her with the help of the Council doctors, scientists who are looking to capture a member of a mated pair to study and dissect them, for mated pairs age considerably slowly, and the Council wants the secret.

**I liked Natalie right away. A divorced, no-nonsense teacher who fights back and stands up for herself. And I truly felt for Saban; the Jaguar tried so hard to court Natalie, easing her into what he’s feeling, all the while trying to protect a very stubborn woman. And while Mike, Natalie’s ex-husband, tries to prove that she’s being held against her will, Saban is trying to convince her to stay away from him. He feels the danger, even if she doesn’t believe that Mike would truly hurt her. However, she’s wrong. Slipping away from Saban for one final confrontation with Mike, she realizes too late that Saban was right and fears she’ll never be able to explain or apologize. Meanwhile, Saban feels betrayed, believing that Natalie wants to return to Mike after she continuously defended him. Lora Leigh knows how to write gripping characters, awesome love scenes and action scenes, all the while focusing on the characters, their feelings. I have a feeling I’ll be picking up more Lora Leigh really, really soon!

~ Shifter’s Lady by Alyssa Day ~

Ethan, alpha male of the were-panthers is having trouble; seems someone is killing the endangered panthers in his territory. A prideful man, he’ll do anything to put a stop to it. Lady Marie, First Maiden of the Nereids in Atlantis, travels through a portal to this world to visit her brother Bastien and his lady, Kat. She’s never left Atlantis in 4 centuries, and the promise of her first vacation is exciting to her.

While Marie has had lovers, nothing has prepared her for Ethan. Irresistible, startingly so, he sends her senses swimming, and he is more than happy to use it as his advantage. For with his first glimpse of her, of her smile, the bottom dropped out of his world, and he wants her all to himself.

While Ethan has promised to protect Marie through the danger surrounding his territory and the animals in it, they grow closer and closer. Marie has never met a male who wants her so desperately as Ethan does.

**At the beginning of the story, it seemed to me like I was missing something. Okay, so it’s part of the series, and I got the feeling that I should have known the characters. But other than that, I enjoyed it. The plot was good, action scenes superb, fighting well done. Love scenes are hot as well, LOL! I liked how Ethan tried to rein in his feelings, to be the perfect gentleman for Marie. That inner fight with himself drew Marie to him even more. Excellent!

~ Sea Crossing by Virginia Kantra ~

Emma March was betrayed and hurt. She was convinced that he loved her, that he would marry her. Alas, it wasn’t what he had in mind. Removed from her teaching post, she left, deciding to board a ship to Canada and in lieu of payment, she is to go into service. During the crossing, the storm sinks the ship and Emma comes close to drowning after falling overboard.

Surprised she isn’t dead, she’s even more surprised to awaken in a soft bed, completely nude, on a remote but populated island. Griff, a quiet, handsome, caring man, pushes past her moral to capture her heart. But he’s holding a secret from her … they all are.

They are Selkie, people who can shape-shift into seals. The island is shared by them all, and the little ones need a teacher. Griff convinces her she doesn’t not need to make her way to Canada, when she can do what she loves to do right there, on the island. But will Emma understand their world?

She does, and falls in love with the patient, caring Griff. While fighting with her morals, her heart still heavy after being used, Griff shows her what it means to love. I thought Emma was sweet and strong, a woman who tries to do the right thing, even after being led astray. She doesn’t see herself as worthy now that she’s been used. But Griff teaches her that it doesn’t matter; to the Selkie, what happened to her is not her fault, and they don’t believe in the same morals as her. He loves her, and that should be enough. It was great to watch Emma fight an inner struggle until she can no longer fight it. Griff, to me, was a man any woman would want in a husband; patient, kind, caring, handsome. The entire romance was perfect.



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