Dark of the Moon by P.J. Parrish (‘Louis Kincaid’ series Book #1)

  Dark of the Moon by P.J. Parrish

‘Louis Kincaid’ series Book #1

Paperback: 432 pages – Publisher: Pinnacle (January 1, 2005) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0786017155 – ISBN-13: 978-0786017157

Back of the Book reads:


New York Times bestselling author P.J. Parrish has kept readers riveted with one gripping Louis Kincaid thriller after another. Now see where it all began, as Kincaid investigates murder in a sleepy, secret-ridden southern town where some believe the past is best left behind…

Thirty years ago, a young man mysteriously vanished from rural Black Pool, Mississippi. Now his skeleton has been discovered in a murky swamp, a length of rope entwined in its bones…

Detective Louis Kincaid doesn’t regret having left the hometown that always treated him as an outcast. But nothing could have prepared him for the ominous reaction of the locals when he returns to investigate the decades-old slaying. With a veil of suspicion and terror descending over the quiet streets of Black Pool, Kincaid is about to uncover a trail of blood-chilling evil as he hunts a shadowy killer whose grisly work is far from over…

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26-Oct-08 to 29-Oct-08

Review: Incredible!

It’s 1983, and Louis Kincaid has returned to Black Pool, Mississippi, by request, as his mother is dying. Hired as the county detective might have been a step up for him, but Kincaid is half-black, half-white, and had they known that, he most definitely wouldn’t have been hired.

As a skeleton is exposed, Kincaid is on the hunt: he wants to know who it was so that his/her remains can be put to rest. But as Kincaid digs, his investigation goes beyond that: and 30-year-old case of a missing fifteen-year-old black boy is a clue in the right direction, but is it prudent to continue investigating?

The more he digs, the more complicated the case gets, and soon Kincaid is unsure of who he can trust and what he should do. Should he leave it alone and let the past remain where it is, or should he seek justice while everyone is pushing Kincaid to keep his mouth shut.

The book had me intrigued right from the beginning. I mean, you read history books and watch movies and documentaries, but unless you’ve lived it, you don’t really understand why everything was like that back then. I thought the authors did an awesome job bring the past to life, what it was like back then, how people held things against you simply because of the colour of your skin. I’d love to say I’m glad times have changed, but sometimes I don’t know if they’ve changed all that much, or for the better either.

I thought the mystery intriguing and had a very hard time putting the book down. I simply wanted to know why. The why of it all. And while there is one left pretty much unpunished, I felt very much like Kincaid. I’m glad he got to the bottom of it, and I felt bad for everything he’d been put through.

The characters are believable, even if you don’t want them to be; even if you don’t want to imagine that people can be that cruel. And I believe Kincaid was right – had it been any other time, I think he and Abby could have had something. Great mystery, great characters, great action and sequence of events. You could feel the pain the characters live/have lived, and I adore it when an author/authors can do that to a reader. Can’t wait to get my hands on the second in this series!



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