Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught

  Every Breath You Take  by Judith McNaught

Mass Market Paperback: 496 pages – Publisher: Ballantine Books (September 26, 2006) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0345479912 – ISBN-13: 978-0345479914

Back of the Book reads:

They met in paradise: Kate Donovan, the beautiful, self-made Chicago restauranteur, and Mitchell Wyatt, ruthless businessman, scion of the fabulously wealthy Wyatt family – and, as Kate soon learns, a man who won’t take no for an answer. During their idyll on the tropical island of Anguilla, Kate and Mitchell lower their defenses and surrender all inhibitions – slowly at first, and then in a rush of emotion unlike anything they’ve ever known.

But their heavan crumbles when Mitchellis summoned home for questioning in the disappearance of his half brother. Amid a media firestorm, he retreats into his world of privilege and power, leaving Kate to question everything she knows about her darkly mysterious lover: Is he in fact the culprit in this high-profile case? What secrets lay buried in his past? What does his future hold – and what are his plans for her?

As Kate struggles to trust the fascinating man who may also be her most formidable foe, the web of intrigue grows ever more complicated – and the result is Judith McNaught’s more spellbinding novel yet.

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19-Oct-08 to 20-Oct-08

Review: Decidely flat.

Mitchell Wyatt grew up as an orphan, a ‘charity case’. Sure, he had the best education money can buy, but he had no one to claim him as part of their family. He spent holidays with friends from school, but that never lasted once they found out he was a ‘charity case’. But when Stavros Konstantatos took Mitchell under his wing, he taught Mitchell everything he knew, and Mitchell learned well.

Now a self-made billionaire, Mitchell can afford the best of the best, and now that the Wyatt family is claiming him as family, Mitchell doesn’t want to feel anything for the man who made sure he’d disappear out of their lives as a newborn. But Mitchell’s half brother was different. William hadn’t known that Mitchell existed, and tried his very best to include Mitchell in his life. But then William disappears without a trace, and the DA swears it’s because of Mitchell and is trying to build a case to prove it. Meanwhile, Mitchell is on vacation aboard a friend’s yatch in Anguilla.

Kate Donovan recently lost her father in an apparent drive-by shooting. Her boyfriend, Evan, whisks her away to Anguilla to help her grieve, only to leave her there as he is summoned back in court. Then she meets Mitchell, and as much as neither wants to believe, they are drawn to each other.

But as luck would have it, they get one incredible night together, but that wouldn’t last. While Kate returns to her villa to pack her things, intending to break up with Evan, Mitchell is summoned back to the states, now a suspect in his brother’s murder now that his corpse has been found. When Kate explains to Evan that she’s leaving him for Mitchell, he tells her it was a set up on Mitchell’s part as he’s sure Mitchell knew Kate was his girlfriend. When Kate tries to find Mitchell, she believes that he’s left without her and believes that she could still be with Evan.

But those aren’t in the cards. Mitchell finds out who Kate is and believes she’d set him up, just as she him. They split ways, but when Kate finds out she’s pregnant with his child, Evan wants an abortion, something Kate refuses to do.

And now she’s alone. She’d managed to make a name for herself in the restaurant business and is raising a child on her own. But when her son is kidnapped with a ransom of 10 million, she knows she has no choice but to hunt down Mitchell. She hadn’t told him about their son, having remembered what he’d said about his previous wife wanting kids and he didn’t, which resulted in divorce. She didn’t want to burden him, but with the kidnapping, she has no choice to involve him for he is the only one she knows who would have that kind of money.

So, with that synopsis, I can honestly say: Read it, thought it was *shrug* okay. While it wasn’t a waste of a read, I don’t think I’d have picked this up if it wasn’t for a book of the month. I’m not one for a straight romance – to me, they all start the same and finish the same. I’ve read this scenario so many times that I just really couldn’t get into it. While I felt Kate was somewhat real, and there seemed to be sparks between them, I felt Mitchell really didn’t have anything to him. You read what he’s feeling and that for him it’s not normal, but it fell flat – deja vu.

I was hoping for more of a case with the murder of his brother, but it was sidelined. And the kidnapping… I expected it right when I find out she’s raising him on her own. And again, the main characters had no part in finding their son, just like they weren’t part of William’s investigation. While the book is almost 500 pages long, the ending was rather abrupt and I didn’t like it. I just need more ‘kick’, more ‘oomph’ in a story – something this book just didn’t give me.

But I won’t say is was a bad book. For me, straight romance just doesn’t cut it. But for those who like nothing but romance, you may enjoy it.


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